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  1. Who knows of some good indie bands?

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  2. smith westerns
    surf curse
    bleeding knees club
    thee oh sees
    sandy alex g
    spook houses
    beach fossils
    real estate

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  3. Yeah real estate are mint, new album is great.

    The Horrors
    Traams (flowers is so catchy)
    The War on Drugs
    Kurt Vile (of the war on drugs)
    Bombay Bicycle Club (latest album is ace)
    Gross Magic

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  4. Modest Mouse
    Built to Spill
    The Vaccines
    The Pixies
    The Orwells
    The Drums
    Death Cab For Cutie

    Ahhh there's so many more but I'm sitting in class right now and can't go through my library... I'll list many more

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  5. My man...the war on drugs are fucking amazing. I could put the lost in a dream record on and let it spin all day, same with slave ambient. I like kurt vile a lot too although I prefer tWoD more. I live in the philly area so I've seen them both a few times. Really great bands live, vile came up and played with tWoDs during brothers.

    Not sure what really classifys as indie but I really like

    Two Gallants
    Modest Mouse
    the weeks
    Man Man
    Mister Heavenly
    Middle Brother
    TV on the Radio
    Broken Bells
  6. Minus The Bear is all you need. 
  7. I feel I owe you an apology. I am not too familiar with indie music. I can only reccomend progressive rock of the 70's. Good luck with your endevour.
  8. Milky Chance
    Beach House
    Broken Bells
  9. Amen to The War On Drugs! The new album is fucking amazing! Put on the headphones and groove.

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  10. Yay an Indie thread!
    Boy and Bear
    Foster the People
    Fleet Foxes
    Mother Mother - these guys are more driving rock, but still worth a listen
    Airborne Toxic Event
    Neon Trees
    Arcade Fire
    Bon Iver
    Arctic Monkeys - once again, little more rock but still awesome
    Arkells - local to my area
    Lots of good names already in here!
    +1 for
    Death Cab
    Broken Bells
    Beach House
    Bombay Bicycle Club
    Subb'd for new music! :yay:

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