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Indica vs sativa

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Fitzweedsack, May 21, 2010.

  1. What makes these two strains of weed different?
  2. I don't know how to answer that without writing a whole paper. Their genetic makeup.
  3. Sativa- head High

    Indica- Body High.

    Dont get confused though. A head high is just more of an energetic and introspective high. Where as indica, a body high, will have you wanting to watch tv and eat chips.
  4. Indica just kind of makes me want to lay down and chill. It makes my legs and arms a little "numb" but not really numb.
    A sativa makes me wan't to go do something like take a walk or something like that.
  5. OOOHHHH, I thought he was asking what biologically makes the two different. MY bad XD
  6. I enjoy a nice body high from time to time, but the head high is where its at, I like to get stoned as balls when i smoke hahah
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    What makes you high is a molecule called THC and a host of similar molecules called cannabinoids. There's CBG CBN THCV CBD etc... so Different percentages of these different cannabinoids will cause different effects. For example a potent land race sativa may have a high THC to CBD ration and that is why you will get that buzzy up high. An Indica Variety may have more CBD so you get that body stone. So in summary Indicas and Sativas have different cannabinoid profiles and give different highs IN GENERAL. but most strains going around these days are hybrids and you even get variations within the same strain with different phenotypes. Interesting shit.

    Also I should add that Indicas tend to be shorter smaller denser plants with denser, fatter buds and tend to smell dank and exotic.

    Sativas tend to grow taller, take (much)longer to finish, and are more spread out plants. They grow tall like trees. Like 10-20 feet or more for some strains. The buds are airy and fluffy and you can even look at the stems and look at the inter-node spacing and tell the difference. Sativas tend to smell fruity or even spicy.

    These are all generalities but this should give you a little knowledge.

    Here's a link to help and use the search function you will find a lot of info.
  8. Op it's easier to use the search function
  9. sativa hands down for work and activities. but indica is good for a long sitting w some friends. :smoking:
  10. You're looking for the "apprentice tokers" forum, dude.

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