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Indica vs Sativa general question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bspot123, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Hey Grasscity! Been MIA for a year or so, got in a near fatal car accident! Lucky to be alive! 
    This may be an obvious question but I guess I'm a bit confused. THC is the active psychoactive ingrediant, yes? What gets you "high" per se. I know Indica strains are more of a relaxed high, couch lock and Sativas are a more pronounced active "heady" high. So, can Indica's have high THC? I thought CBD was associated with Indicas? Because a high CBD is for pain relief and insomnia right? I usually only see strains with low CBD, around 1%. but high THC.
    I know that question was long. So, basically.. Does it matter if an Indica has a high THC? Does that just mean it is a potent couch lock high? Because I've seen indica strains with a reallllly high THC, like around 24% but a low CBD. I thought Indica was associated with pain relief aka CBD?
    Thanks for reading!

  2. I've always thought THC itself was the pain killer, it's also responsible for the high.  Indicas do have more CBD than Sativas do, so maybe CBD is a sedative, and growers breed Sativa to have almost no CBD, which makes sativa more psychedelic and energizing because CBD is also an anti-psychotic agent that prevents the trippy experiences common to sativa. 
  3. I've seen documentaries about patients with dabilitating issues such as pain. And they usually want high CBD strains because of the pain relieving properties. So, I guess high THC levels just mean it is really potent? It doesn't matter if its Indica or Sativa, one is body and one is a head high? So whats the deal with CBD then? I feel so confused.
  4. Indicas can have any range of THC content, what separates them from sativas is the CBD percentage. CBD is responsible for the non-psychoactive effects of cannabis, such as pain relief, muscle relaxation, etc. 
  5. So if an Indica strain has a 24% THC which is fairly high for a flower, does that mean it is a potent INDICA strain? Meaning a more relaxed body high? And if a Sativa strain has a 24% THC that means its a potent "head" high? If they both have zero CBD. If the strain is labled Sativa then thats what it is, a head high? And if its Indica then its a body high? CBD has nothing to do with it?
  6. I believe that any Indica will have CBD, that's part of what makes it an indica. Never having been to a dispensary, I couldn't tell you if there are indica strains with zero CBD. From what I've read and learned, CBD is responsible for the body high.
  7. I've always wondered this too. Subbed.I can't smoke weed with high THC or else I get mad anxiety.People always tell me, just smoke indica. I still get very bad anxiety. I think what I really need is low THC, high CBD regardless if its Indica or sativa
  8. Damn my dude, wish i remembered a strain that had cbd in its 20s or high teens.
    Was ridicoulous for CBD.
  9. its the combination/ratio of the cbd and the thc that makes indica and sativa different. thc is still mainly responsible but the cbd changes the effects. this is what i have come to understand and may be incorrect.

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