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Indica .vs. Blend .vs. Sativa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by padams868, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Which do you prefer? A nice body high, a nice head high, or a nice blend? :):smoke:
  2. I love me some creative sativa juices flowing through my body
  3. love the blend because i like to be in a working state of mind, but havnt tried a pure sativa yet, still waiting on my muai to flower
  4. not really keen on hybrids either I want to be relaxed or motivated never both some of these hybrids mess with your head you dont know wether your coming or going 80/20 blend either way is usually perfect.
  5. Im an indica guy most times. I enjoy melting into a couch and watching a movie/playing xbox. But im kinda old so.....
  6. I PREFER Sativa's most of the time. Indica's bring on my anxiety and kinda get me into deep, negative thinking. It's nice if I'm in a good mood and I want to relax, though. Other than that I love sativa because it feels more medicating and less of a 'I'm a lazy pothead' kinda feeling haha. Also, Sativa makes my mind race and it gets me creative, that giggly type of high :)
  7. Sativa, but all I can ever get is indica. Haven't tried both but I imagine that might be better.
  8. Sativa for the wake and bake sessions and the day time smoke. Indica for the evening/night time smoke. Indicas help me fall asleep and feel relaxed before going to bed.
  9. [quote name='"Nuffy"']Sativa for the wake and bake sessions and the day time smoke. Indica for the evening/night time smoke. Indicas help me fall asleep and feel relaxed before going to bed.[/quote]

    I like they way you think, probably should do this more often but have trouble getting dank weed of dealers so imagine getting nith indica and sativa
  10. I like a 60/40 % Sativa/Indica blend. Best of both worlds.
  11. Sativa by far, love me some heady buds and then to write a nice story or draw a cool picture.
  12. I like to have a sativa dominant.
  13. Indica. Body highs for the win
  14. sativa :)
    I miss them, all I ever find now is indicas or hybrids...
  15. Sativa, I don't smoke anything else.
  16. Definately sativa. Lol. Its just a better high. In my opinion at least. Not to say if you handed me a joint of some indica or hybrid I wouldn't hit it....
  17. Sativas usually make me nervous, so I prefer Indica. However, Sativas can give some cool visuals at high doses, and I love visuals, so occasionally if I'm feeling up for it, I'll get super ripped off some crazy good sativas...I usually feel sick afterwards, but its well worth it.
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    If I ever learn how to grow and get the right environment I would love to try growing this tree from seed: as per Attitude Seeds description.
    John Sinclair Seeds Sativa Trans-Love John Sinclair Sativa, known as ‘Trans-Love’ is a prime specimen of the celebrated tropical Cannabis Sativa, which allures connoisseurs worldwide with its lucid, cerebral effect and boost of energy. There is no better fuel for a creative mind than a garden of top quality John Sinclair Sativa plants! Having spent several decades writing poetry and prose, John Sinclair has developed an expertise in recognizing creativity enhancing cannabis varieties, and John Sinclair Sativa is his tribute to smokers who appreciate the uplifting and energetic effect of the wonderful Sativa plant. As any good Sativa dominant variety, ‘Trans-Love’ has a pungent smell with a spicy, fruity scent. Secondly, this variety is highly potent and with a distinct Sativa high: uplifting, sharp, focused and productive. It is also quite visual. There is no couch lock effect with this variety. Instead of being a couch potato, you’ll find yourself inspired and motivated. So get ready to be creative! - Breed: (Sativa x Indica) x Sativa - Flowering: 70-75 days - Yield: 0.9-1.1 gram per Watt of light

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