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  1. Hey guys ... just was curious if anyone could give me a rough maximum height that Indica / Sativa Mixes usually grow. I plan on growing either pure Indicia or Indica / Sativa's only (Sativa's are just too damn tall for my purposes). I got carried away with my grow box design, and I am modifying it so that all my plants will fit snuggly. Also, if you can ... could you estimate any clearance I should account for so that they don't grow into my light?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. you growing big christmas trees here ??
    how tall do you want em is the question.
    there isnt a way to guesstimate that .... but you can controll it .... read up :eek:
  3. I have read many things ... and yes, I understand that conditions determine the final grow height, but genetics also have to count for something. If it is possible to grow a 5 story tree, then please feel free to criticize. I just wanted to get some growers general experience with hybrids. Just lookin' for a little knowledge, that's all. I could grow upwards of 6.5 feet without any trouble, but I am doubtful that I will need that much room no matter how I grow it. Sorry for the lack of knowledge. That's why I posted in the beginners forum.

    Thanks for the reply though ... I'm off to read more I suppose.
  4. so its going to be about what it takes more dominant characteristics of....and Indica short and fat....sativas tall and lanky....there's no tellin' with out seeing the plant itself to know what its more dominant of...good luck
  5. The strains I have been interested in are White Widow, Bubblicious, Papaya & Misty. I am thinking that Misty & Papaya will be my first grow strains. I don't know how tall I can grow these babies, but I am trying to get a decent yield (2 oz's / plant would be my goal ... but unlikely). Hopefully that can give someone a rough idea of how high my grow box should be. According to that 70w / sqft rule of thumb, my grow box should be about 3x3. That seems awful small for 9 plants, but I hear a sqft is enough for a single tree. Anyone have advice on basic dimensions for a 600 w HPS? I'm guessing 3x3 with a height of 4.5-5 ft? I could be way off obviously. I'm thinkin' that the Papaya will be fine, but the white strains look like they can get up there.

    3x3, height: 4.5 ft made of generic studs and plywood ... 600w HPS, and maybe some angled Fluros (don't know if that is correct light to use) attached to the bottom so I can get some buds at a lower level. Intake fan, and exhaust fan w/ carbon filter attached. Am I missing anything essential?
  6. All this speculation depends on what size pots you are going to use as does how many you are going to grow in that 3x3. If you do a little mini sea of green you might be able to fit 9 plants or 1 plant per square foot. Let me attach this though to give you an idea how they grow out in the wild:

    •\tIndicas- these plants are fairly short, usually less than 5 feet tall. They are bushy with compact branching and short internodes. They range in shape from a rounded bush to a pine-like shape with a wide base. The leaves are short, very wide and a darker shade of green than most equatorial Sativas because they contain larger amounts of chlorophyll. Sometimes there is webbing between the leaflets. Indica buds are dense and tight. Indicas usually have shorter flowering times. The high is heavy body-oriented and lethargic.

    Sativas- grow into 5-15 feet tall and are symmetrical pine-shaped plants. The internodes are longer than Indicas. This makes the plant look taller. The lowest branches are the widest spreading 1 1/2 to 3 feet. The leaves are long, slender and finger like. Plants are light green since they contain less chlorophyll. Sativa buds are not as dense. Some varieties grow buds along the entire branch. Sativas generally have longer flower times. High is described as soaring, psychedelic, thoughtful and spacey.

    Indica Sativa- leans more towards indica characteristics

    Sativa Indica- leans more towards Sativa.
  7. LST some indicas in a 9sq.ft. with that 600 and forget about the height issue and focus on that 2 oz goal as a reality :D

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