Indica & Indica/Sativa Hybrid (bunch of pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by THCaleb, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. What's up y'all, my plants started their 4th week of flowering a couple days ago. I wanna start by saying the smell is amazing! They don't got their full scents yet but it smells so good in my room lol. Like sweet Afghani hash or somethin lol. It reminds me of some real deal Kush. I found out my big plant is a Hindu/Afghani hybrid cuz I realized its growing like a pure Indica. I got seeds from some buds I thought was plain Hindu Kush, actually turned out to have good Afghan genetics too. It had a lot of hair like Afghan buds but the color was like that Afghani orange mixed with that Hindu brown. It also smelled liked both types of Indicas. My lil plant is definitely Mango Kush. You can see the Sativa genetics clear as day in the plant structure, especially with how fast it started growing when it got put in flowering. I got a pic of a pure Hindu Kush leaf that grew out on it, and there's only 3 like that pure Hindu leaf on the whole plant. There's of course a lot more leafs lol. One of the branches reminds me of a Haze branch too. Here's a few pics!!!
    Note: leafs on big plant hang down cuz how heavy the connecting stems are! The leafs actually got some weight to em too!
    That's that branch that reminds me of some Haze lol and here's that Hindu Kush leaf!!!

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