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Indica and Sativa?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cherokief, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Can someone please explain to me the general differences between Indica and Sativa plants. I'm high and feel like learning something new :smoking:
  2. Indica is a body high, Sativa is a head high.

    Indica is easier to find, a pure Sativa can be quite the treat though :D
  3. Indicas originated from asia and india of course a LONG time ago back when the planet was just getting into flourishing. Because of the climate they produce more resin, are stouter and they have more chlorophyll to take in as much light as possible.

    They also produce a good amount of secondary cannabinoids. The other 65 chemicals that contribute to the high other than delta 9 THC. Mainly more CBD and CBN, and this gives it a lower THC:CBD ratio. This produces a heavy stone, sleepiness and couchlock. Also, pain relief is increased.

    Sativas originiate from the Americas and are taller, lighter, and generally don't produce as much resin as indicas. They however are most exotic in flavor and odor due to their unique flavinoid, terpene and terpenoid makeup. Sativas were built for high light conditions so they are equipped with far more pure THC as a sunscreen. This gives them a high THC:CBD ratio and this in turn, produces a rushing, lightheaded, speedy high. Very giggly too usually.

    so yeah. there you have it.

  4. +rep nice post, thanks for that!

    damn it i cant to much in 24 hours :(
  5. to add to da sauces wonderful post, while growing, indicas have a much broader shorter darker color leaf while the sativas show a more lanky thin leaf. also the flowering time for a good sativa with good genetics may be quite a bit longer. i have seen/heard of sativa grow logs that flower for like 130 days compared to a nice indica plant that flowers in like 5-6 weeks. indicas alos are way better for scrog and small closet grows. indicas also take better to a bushy grow using the fim tech....sativas grow much taller than indicas like sauce said. thats about all i have to add...
  6. +REP even though I knew all of that already, very helpful to people who inquire such as Cherokief.
  7. Is there a way to tell them apart by looking at the weed I have in my hand?
  8. yea, the denser heavier weighing skunkier smelling nug is probly indica and the fluffier lightweight 'air' bud you got is probably sativa
  9. indicas can mong
    sativas mainly zing.
    both can do as the other does, given harvesting times, growing conditions, genetic variations.
    sativas are more day time, more special.
    indicas are more couch lock, sleepers.
    but massive variations in each.
    even more so when you consider... hybrids. sativas crossed with indicas.
    and i'm not even gonna mention ruderalis or the "chinensis". oops, just did.
  10. when i read this is at first it read like a recietal of a like beatnick poetry(idk if there is a propper term for such things). anyway i just wanted to share that.
  11. sativas DO NOT originate "from the americas". they come from the equator where temperatures are warmer and the year round light cycle is 12/12. indicas come from colder climates and higher elevations. they're more from the north.

    sativas come from all around the world, africa (malwi gold, durban poison, swazi root bart etc.), india (kerala), asia (thailand vietnam, burma etc.) & mexico (panama red, columbian gold & oaxican etc.) some larger countries and ones that have climate variations may have native sativas AND indicas.

    as mentioned, the TCH profiles between the two types differ. sativas are known for having purer THC while indicas have more canniboids (namely CBD & CBN). sativa highs are more energetic whereas canniboids are what cause couchlock and in some cases euphoria if memory serves me right. sativa highs are not only more energetic, they are more psychoactive, read trippy. a potent sativa will cause all sorts of visual and auditory hallucinations which is probably why sativas can also be more prone to causing paranoia. sativas are usually not considered as causing a body high, but potent ones like thai most certainly CAN have physical effects too. i remember a good thai buzz would cause me to feel like i'm walking downhill on a level floor, that my body was lighter and that at any moment my feet would leave the ground when i walked. potent thai would also cause the giggles.

    i get none of that from indicas. i just get tired (couchlock). i find indicas to actually be depressing and hate them very much having started out on thai and not getting high once in the 20+ years since greedy scum destroyed the weed market with indicas. while indicas are considered as having a body high, i consider it the OPPOSITE, it's a body LOW! you can't get high "float" when your entire body turns into tired lead. i only refer to indicas as getting stoned. i also associate indica canniboids with causing confusion while sativas, even ratty abused mexican brick, as being clear headed.

    why are indicas so common? 1. they tend to stink alot more. back in the 80s, everyone thought the more a bud stinks, the better it is. FALSE. thai had a mild pinecone odor, but 4 bong hits would fuck you up to the point of vomiting and having serious hallucinations. 2. they have more resin content. again, "sticky buds" became a big selling point to a public unlucky enough to never have actually gotten high 3. 1 & 2 combined with a faster turnaround = a quicker buck for greedy growers. indicas grow smaller, as small as just a couple feet tall and mature faster with denser bud structure. it's easier for a dealer who just wants money and has no pride in QUALITY to turn out many times the amount of bud they can in a given space. sativas grow HUGE, up to 20 feet tall and maybe taller and take alot longer to flower sparsely along their stretched limbs.

    sadly, the entire weed market has been polluted but greedy grubs who only want to make a quick buck and don't care about quality or making customers who know better happy.

    when i eventually get my closet up and running, i'll take pride in giving satriva dominant buds away and educating a public who's never actually gotten high as to what they're missing and what a ripoff all that "sticky dank" they've been brainwashed into thinking is "getting high" is.

    i haven't gotten high since the mid 80s except for abused mexican brick (which i'd rather smoke than indica any day) and the two buds i was GIVEN of kali mist & durban poison. sadly, as much as i begged, i couldn't buy any weight of that even at an insane price.

    bottom line,

    sativas = getting high
    indicas = suck crap... i mean nappy time
  12. Sativas actually originated in Southeast Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam region is practically the home of the sativa, and any toker who has visited the region will know. The sativas there are notorious for being so strong it almost feels like an acid trip; up, extremely cerebral, and extremely active high.
  13. Yeah I may have been cloudy on where sativa came from, they are built for high light and indeed they would come from any high light environment.

    Sativas are awesome in their own respects and so are indicas. I look at indica more as the medicinal side of cannabis and sativa as the recreational side.
  14. I dont know the 1st thing about sativa/indica outside of the basic differences, but out of curiosity is the designation of weed as a sativa or indica limited to strains? Or are there differences in any type of weed like mids or some beasters?
  15. The designation is genetics. Sativa and indica are different species of the same genus.

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