Discussion in 'General' started by GhanaGhanja, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. yo im looking for someone from central indiana, post or message me...
  2. hahaha no im not looking for that, im jus lookin for some people
  3. haha., my bad man,.

    I'm a long ways from indiana.,
  4. hahaha its cool, i figured you were just a little paranoid right now :smoking:
  5. I live in east central indiana, close to Muncie and Indy. Where are you from exactly.
  6. reppin Hamilton county just north of indianapolis. where u at exactly?
  7. hamilton county right here.

  8. Damn dude You must live close as fuck to me, I live in yorktown right by muncie. Only like 5 minutes away.
  9. lol i lived around ball state for two years in muncie, just moved back to indy.
  10. hamilton county represent.
  11. tippecanoe county here, bout an hour north of indy
  12. this is tite three people reppin hamilton county in this thread

  13. Grew up just south of there
  14. Tippecanoe County here...
  15. im in lafayette, anyone else?
  16. Woahh. Didnt know there was so many indy tokers here.

    I used to live in noblesville and franklin at my dads.

    I live in Pennsylvania at the moment but usually go out to visit from time to time.

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