Indiana States Biggest Marijuana Bust!

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    3000-5000 plants found on a 2 acres plot. mixed in with trees... Some where the size of Christmas trees! (Thats like the cut ur own Christmas Tree Farms.... but you cut and cure your own marijuana) It says there was $10 million dollars in street value. State police brought in heavy equiptment to cut it all down and it was air lifted out by US Coast Gaurd Helicopters and some trucked off by the State Highway Department! AMAZING I SAY! AMAZING!
  2. Yeah, id have to say thats a huge wast of $$$. Prolly spent more lifting it off and burning it than the bud was even worth. Why not just pile it up there and burn it. What are they gonna keep 5000 pounds of pot as evidence? BS i say
  3. Damn, i live in indiana to. I just smoked some mids 2days ago so i guess it wasn't in the 317.
  4. If cannibus tree farms existed. I would be like chevy chase hauling a nice tree back home on my stationwagon. And blaze for all my neighbors to see.:wave:
  5. fuck mids *****. headies all the wayyy
  6. what are mids and whats a headies
  7. yep thats the fuckin drug bust that made my town dry as shit
  8. what's proper use of a plural nouns?
  9. different grades of weed. Headies is a better grade than mids

    I have no idea :rolleyes:

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