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  1. Has anyone here ever been to India? I want to travel there in the near future, say 3-4 months, and am looking for help/advice. Part of the reason that I'm going is to experience the Buddhist/Hindu culture first hand as I feel a very strong attraction to this sort of spiritual thought. Therefore, I am interested in visiting many temples and holy sites. Is it easy to visit these sorts of places? or do they have restrictions on visitors?

    Additionally, I have heard great things about the weed/hash in India. How easy will it be to find some while I'm there?
  2. I dont know much about the topic myself but the Hindu/ Buddhist culture really interests me as well. Id definitely like to visit India and Nepal someday for spiritual reasons. Id also like to check out Peru, Macchu Picchu in particular.
  3. Subbed. I wanted to make this same kind of thread
  4. I'm going on a summer retreat next year to india for these exact reasons

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