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  1. Senior year of high school and im depressed as all hell (Actually depressed and not the fake teenage bs. I couldn't think of a day in the past month or so that I didn't bawl my eyes out .) Im too deep in my own head and shitty thoughts in class to perform well and I just don't wanna see any fucker from there anymore. Is independent study good?

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  2. It really depends on you as a person.

    Some people require strict structure and oversight in order to obtain a decent education. Some perform better when obtaining information from classroom lectures and hands on learning with an instructor. These people may not do well in a self study environment.

    Others, myself included thrive much better when performing independent studies. Much like you, I hated high school. My grades were horrible, and I generally just hated being there at all. After dropping out, I tested and received my GED. Several years later I started my first session of college in which I pursued a degree in information technology. In the much different environment of college, I was left to do more of the work on my own. Suddenly I enjoyed going to classes, and my grades went from below average to above average. I am now attending college for the second time and take all of my classes online. Once a student who barely passed his high school classes, I have a 3.8 gpa and am on track to an accelerated doctoral program.

    The main thing to remember about independent studies is that everything is up to you. You have to maintain a proper schedule and a strong work ethic in order to be successful. Most schools offer a wide variety of resources for student in self study programs, do not be afraid to use them when needed. If you want it bad enough, then it can work great.
  3. Finding a significant other may help ease your pain. Depression is no joke as it can physically deprive the brain of development. Best of luck to you blade and as I would tell anyone, STAY IN SCHOOL!
  4. Smoke some weed that will make you feel better :smoking:
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  5. How can you study what dude?

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