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  1. Hey guys, i have a little 5-6 week old plant that im trying to identify as male or female
    I didnt even mean to start growing this seed, it popped up in my yard and started growing super fast so i moved it into a pot
    Pics will be attached, hopefully someone can tell me, the pics arent too bad

    P.S. it gets like 95 degrees during the day where i live so its a bit heat stressed

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  2. I see no indication of sex.
    Welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Thanks friend, happy to be here. Is it too early? Ive read that it starts showing around 6 weeks or so, so i assumed it would be showing and i wasnt seeing it
  4. I'm with Mick. But will give some advice, the stem can be buried a bit further, and it looks like the soil you have is super compact, it may cause some issues down the line for you. Other than that, there's plenty of knowledge to be gained from this site, welcome!
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  5. Thanks for the advice, i did as you said and planted the stem deeper. I wasnt sure how to solve the problem of the soil being too compact, maybe you know how i could do this
    I do have holes in the bottom of this bucket btw, alot of them lmao
  6. Most here add at least 30% perlite, which makes room for air in the medium so the roots can breathe. It would be a task for a newbie to dig the roots as carefully as you can and then repot it. So I'd say 50/50 on letting it grow or repotting. Me, I'd repot. But either way, youre gaining experience.
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