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  1. So going to harvest a greenhouse crop this fall! Montana has a rule that you can only have 1 Oz. of "smokable cannabis" per patient. I expect to yield a bit more than I can legally possess. The way to get around this is to hang the whole plant, and only trim/harvest as much as you can possess, as you sell it to your patients, because a hanging/curing plant is not considered "smokable marijuana". I have heard of a large Cali grower (through the grapevine) that he can pretty much indefinitely hang his plants in a cooler at around 50 degrees F, and 60 percent humidity. He keeps the cooler completely dark. He even compress/snaps the branches to fit more in, and wraps them in plastic or garbage bags. He says the plants stay very moist, and he moves them to another room to dry when he wants to process them. In this way he can keep a smaller trim crew, get a perfect cure, and streamline his workflow.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Understandably I am worried about mold. The idea of wrapping a wet plant in dark plastic/garbage bags is definitely concerning to me (It sort of a red flag). I have a farm cooler, dehumidifiers, and all the tools to actually do this. Any input would be greatly appreciated;)
  2. This very active thread should be an excellent place to collaborate. The illustrious @SweetSue

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  3. @MedicinexMan
    62% humidity will hold a cannabis plant indefinitely but dry trimming one is a bloody nightmare.
    40 years at this and close trimming a just harvested plant is still the best way. I don't know who writes the cannabis laws but it's never the actual users of it or anybody with even a passing familiarity with the stuff.
    You can grow 6 plants but only possess 1 ounce kinda crap.
    OK this is what I expect from my Government.

    I'm in So Cal and fight to not over dry every damn plant as our normal humidity is single numbers and even a few hours to long exposed to it can trash a just harvested crop.
    Getting them down from the just harvested stage to the mid 60s humidity and ready for curing jars has been an ongoing lesson in frustration for several years before I got a solid fix and a repeatable method to slow the initial dry stage.

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  4. IMO: Grow and sequentially harvest them clones

    slow cure opens you to molds if uncareful

    good luck

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