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Incredibles Chocolate and TSA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by shawnalevi, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. I am going to NYC this weekend and thought I would bring some incredibles bars (Mile Higher)

    I'm only taking a carry on

    I was thinking about leaving it in the package because its air sealed but the package blatantly states what it is and I cant tell if the wrapper is some sort of metal or if its just plastic metallic looking

    I was also thinking about taking it out of the bag but because of the recent incidents there are a lot of dogs at the airport says my dad.

    I feel as though these dogs are only trained for explosives but I could be wrong.

    I might just end up sketching out and not bring them but if you guys had some insight I would really love it if I could bring them :D

  2. Don't risk going to jail and ruining your trip to have a couple of weed choc bars. Eat them right before you go in this way, as soon as you get seated, it'll hit you and you'll be high for your flight.
  3. problem is ill be in nyc for 420 and was hoping to bring some to eat while there not during the flight
  4. Bro I'm thinking you'll be fine
  5. anyone else know?
  6. Im interested in what you find out...i am in the mountains in ny.... i get those bars on occasion...but no idea how they get them here.... much do you eat at once....
  7. Btw- when i was roofing on a military base....right after 9/11 i got passed the gun/bomb dog with weed everyday.... just saying....idk what they got at the airport....
  8. what about my chocolates :cool:
  9. If I were you and I was you over Christmas, I would pay extra and check in. I brought a 1/4 oz to So Cal from Denver and that bag wasn't even touched. I put them in quad layered zip lock, overkill I know, sprayed with some air freshener even brought some back. Had pipe grinder whole kit no problems.

    I have a MMJ card and I wouldn't try carry on but I know of ppl that have.

    If you just bring edibles take it out of the package and triple bag that with some BS note from "your granny to you" about have a great trip and enjoy the care package.
  10. I've actually never seen dogs at an airport, and I've been through a few in the past months
    It doesn't seem like too big of a risk to take them in the carry on, but you never know

  11. Dogs aren't trained, generally, to sniff that little. When I backpacked around Europe in 94 I had a ball of hash as big as a superball in my shoes rapped 3 times with electrical tape walked within 1 feet of dog with cops at Paris train station he sniffed quick and kept walking. Yes my heart was fucking beating like crazy and I smiled kept walking no problems.

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