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    Hey guys, so i'm in my third grow now and everything's been goin good. Im using a dwc culture system that i've made with a 10 gallon tote. Thought i have nothing to really complain about other than the side of my buds. I'm using about 100w (cfl) on this single plant and i'm aware that these aren't going to produce enormous bulbs but would increasing the nutrience help with anything? I'm adding floralicious plus to it normally but i don't think it has really helped.

    Edit: i guess i should also add that i'm using the scrog method since it's in like a cabinet thing and the bulbs are like 4'' away.

    any suggestions are appreciated
  2. As long as your plant is now showing any deficiency stress, then increasing nutrients it most likely not going to increase yields. Temps and light are you most obvious issues to address.

    How much light is there total?
  3. i have 4 26w (104w total) bulbs hanging with reflectors, i have two fans in the cabinet, one over and one under the canopy so it stays a constant 75*. i figured temp and light are the main factors but wasn't too sure if nutrients could also be a factor. i don't see any deficiencies so i guess i'll leave it all alone and get more light.
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    Yeah man just sounds like you wanna jack the light up a lot. I use 315w on 2 plants. 100w for the first and 50w per plant after that is the bare minimum and for CFLs its probably more like 100w per plant minimum. If you have the cash drop it on a nice big light bank with 100+w light bank or use some elbow grease and crank out one of these bad boys

    I'm gonna be building one of those for my veg dresser in the next few days I'll try to take video of the assembly for you

    EDIT: Also look into black strap molasses 1tsp per gallon in the last 2-4 weeks of flowering (or maybe its just feeding? not sure) the sugars are supposed to help greatly in swelling up the buds. Pretty sure you can use it with a dwc system as well without problems just mix with RO water first.

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