Increased social perception?

Discussion in 'General' started by Alittlebaked, May 28, 2010.

  1. First of all, I'm high as a kite right now soo don't expect the best grammar right now :/
    But every time I'm high, if I watch something like an interview, I can tell how each person is feeling and like exactly what they're thinking.
    I feel like I have this thing where I can see and notice things other people don't, like there is this massive wave that is sweeping everyone to ignorance but I'm going the other way, and see things more clearly and for what they are than other people.
    Discuss/ tell me if you experience this
  2. I think I know what you mean. I smoke before my classes a lot and I feel like I read people better.
  3. Dude yes that is EXACTLY what I mean, people think that they have their feelings hidden but you can read them easy as book. its crazy.
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    i understand exactly what you're describing

    you can read people easier, understand what their saying.

    its like you find the root in emotion or words or something

    i believe its like this for alot of us
  5. very true, its evolution through drugs, the monkeys took shrooms to increase there hunting and tool skills, thats how we evolved into humans
  6. Forgot I posted this, bumping for more discussion :)
  7. I know exactly what you mean. I already analyze the shit out of everything when I'm sober so when I'm faded it's a whole different level.
  8. What I wanna know is why though? why are so many people are caught up in such fake lives and just dont question anything in their lives. It erks the shit out of me.
  9. I know the feeling all to well, even sober I read people extremely well - Throw in some green and you have a CIA level profiler lol.
  10. They were simply taught to live that way.
  11. I could not go through life just droneing on through the boring lives which we are taught to live. being so predictable. Sorry if I sound like a hipster haha.
    I just pride myself on not being caught up in what so many people are.
    It's weird because, when I watch a commercial, I dont actually listen to the commercial. I think about who they're trying to appeal and what would've made it more appealing or just other shit. If anyone else could post similar things that'd be legit.
  12. yes i really thought this wasnt actually happening to me and i was just high but u just confirmed it...
    this lady on the news didnt know wtf the sports guy was talking about and she just basically said watever the guy said...(oohh yeah, wow, haha)
    blew my mind.
  13. You got to remember that they can read you as easily as you can read them!
  14. I used to feel this way, but then I realized that a lot of people felt this way, as well.

    People don't lead 'fake' lives, because they are living, thus, making them real. Their actions may offend you, and you may disagree with them, but there's a lot more misconceptions occurring, than there is actual understanding.

    I don't believe that being high suddenly makes you realize these distinctions between people, no. I believe that you've absorbed this type of knowledge through the betrayal of false friends, early on in life.

    Why do we blame others for the life they lead? I don't know. But if everyone would just mind their own damn business and stop trying to control how one chooses to live, the world would be a better place.
  15. This is how i feel even when im sober, the ability to read people is a gift, cherish it
  16. Haha, brilliantly summed up.

    Perception is everything, and the green just lets you see things for what they're worth.
  17. yeah i feel this way all the time, i feel like my ability to do this and to recognize the world as it truly is as opposed to the way many humans have been taught to think of it has been increasing ever since i started doing drugs, mainly psychedelics and weed
  18. I really wish people would say more so I'm bumping once more.
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    Marijuana makes me worse at reading people. I do a pretty good job sober though.

    I'm not the best at reading body language. Logic is my game, it's pretty easy for me to analyze people's motives and therefore detect lies and such.
  20. I Know exactly what the fuck your talking about, but I analize a whole fucking lot more when Im high. Not that Im bragging, but I take it as a curse, coz ignorance is bliss ... right? Like I'll analize peoples posture, tonality, facial expressions and neck movements also their breathing and shit. Ill even question the weird shit they say, which aaaalllllwwwaaaayyyyssss sounds super vague, noticing this actually made me interested in psychology, now hopefully Ill be able to study that next year.

    But you have to remember, weed dont make no psychic ... yes, all that shit you see dont make no sense, coz sometimes people dont even understand themselves. But its always good to interact with random people while high, its so much fun analizing.
    useless stuff.

    Also is it just me but can you sometimes see into peoples lives. By that I mean you do something, then suddenly you are reminded of someone else who did the exact same thing and then you just get some insight into the way they work, dont know if that even makes sense, but when this happens to me, even in public, I'll just burst out laughing.

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