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increased metabolic rate

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by three_x, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. fact or fiction?

    marijuana increases your rate of metabolism...

    a female friend has lost a tremendous amount of weight... and she said all it took was a daily dose of MJ..... she didnt eat after she smoked... she resisted the munchies and as a result, her metabolism raised and used up her body fat causing her to lose weight since she wasnt ingesting any food....

    any opinions?
  2. yes i totally agree I have lost 15 pounds since I started smoking and most of the time I eat during the munchies, but when I don't for awhile I will tell the difference :)
  3. Yea I feel real thirsy when I smoke. Not much else more than that. If I'm hungry to begin with, which is not usually the case since I eat before I smoke; It's usually not way too much. Then again, I love all sorts of berry pastry when I'm nicely buzzin..
  4. Yep, I love loads of weight since ive toked up daily....i just hav'nt got the appetite anymore...
  5. yeah, i'd have to say that it definately increases your metabolism.
  6. so theoreticially, if you smoked, then did some cardio, then worked out, you would boost your workout, and lose tons of weight.... just be sure to drink lotsa water aned eat energy bars so you dont get tired faster since your stoned
  7. wouldnt work for me bcause i always pig out when i blaze
    and i blaze a lot
    im starting to have a real problem with obesity

  8. So eat healthier snacks, like string cheese, nuts, fruit, or black irish quaker...It's a part of a complete breakfast.
  9. I lost like 35 lbs over the winter... When people ask me how, I tell them to try the Chimp's patented stress and poverty diet.

    It's fucking simple.

    1. Get a minimum wage job.
    2. Live beyond your means.

    Order today. Supplies are limited.
  10. im really bad for not having the link but i think ive read that smoking does have something to do with your metabolism....
    i also dont "do" the munchies and actually have to make myself eat to keep my weight somewhat "normal"
  11. It's absolutely true. Not only weed but cig smoke has the same effect. It gives your digestion system a kickstart. I have actually heard that some people have bees adviced to take on smoking for their digestion problems.

    Digestion and metabolism are linked. If there's nothing more to igest, you'll burn fat.
  12. Anyone happen to have a study or more info supporting this theory? I'm about 5 lbs overweight, which isn't much, but it could be the excuse I need to get my rather-health conscious mom to let me smoke :p

  13. ill try to get something on this for ya tomorow....but,.as a thinkin she isnt going to go for this at all...;) about those 5 lbs do you drink pop? my non smoking friend lost a ton of weight by not drinking pop....dang 5 lbs thats not much...
  14. I stayed the same.. but im freaking skinny. But my friend mike lost over 40 pounds when he started smoking. No joke it was crazy. He is still a big guy but he looks a lot better and he is getting more babes now.
  15. since December (when i started smoking) I have lost about 60 lbs, of course I was already losing weight before then..

    I have lost 110 lbs in 2 yrs.

    Toke that smoke, w0rked fer me!
  16. i can't gain weight in fat. I have high metabolism and i can eat so so much. A large pizza to myself, a few weeks agoe i had a burger that wasn't a quarter pounder or a double quarter pounder but it had a 3lb beef patty (at Kelly O' Brians).

    But soon i'll eat healthier becasue i don't wanna have a bunch of heart attacks.
    I guess i'll need my 1 bottle or is it 1 glass of red wine a day is good for your heart and amyl nitrite like on fear and loathing.
  17. in the last 2 years i lost 90 lb since i started smoking but ive been exercising too :p so i cheat a lil lol and i doubt any dr. would recommend to start smoking to anyone thats just well funny lol i loved it i had to read it twice
  18. I used to diet alot, so I watch my weight often... and I always had the idea that pot increases metabolism, because I would pig out on the worst foods everytime I smoked up, but I never gained a single pound.

    Even though there appears to be alot of people with the same observations, I would love to see someone get some evidence on this for my girlfriend... haha

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