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  1. i am by far the most impatient person when it comes to things like this

    is there anyway to accelerate the growth rate? either via chemical means or environmental?

    and secondly, could someone please outline the absolute minimum veg. and flowering times?

    i have heard that you can veg for 2 weeks then go right into flowering. After 4 weeks of flowering your good to harvest, is this true?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    All these newbs, everything has to be rush, rush, rush. Chill and let your plant grow in God´s good time.
  3. well basically you can start your plants at 12 12 but they wont grow as fast as 24
    nutrients and how much the plant can take up makes a big difference, just make shure your plants are well fed and you will see them grow everyday. but the sooner you put your plants in flower the more chance you have of genetic oddities and sensitivities because of the acceleration of growth, remember a plant can grow 2/3 in its flower stage so when you go from jsut seeing pistols to flowering, the tings gonna go nuts and most likely looks really weird. i would suggest for you to get into cloning plants, quickers results and you van really dial those fuckers down to grow fast once you get a couple batches of one strain out, patients man speed will come later. The quicker you grow, the more can go wrong.

  4. This is so true. Everyone wants that magic formula or potion that will make the plant grow faster. You can veg under 24 hours of light to maximize the growth during veg. however there is no way to speed up the flowering period. If you flower for 4 weeks you will have very poor quality and honestly, 4 weeks of flowering hardly gives time for the flowers to develop. Flowering is determined by strain and I have seen some Indica hybreds that flower in 7-8 wks, but have never seen any strain flower in less than 7 weeks. Autos are the quickest strain, however you must realize that at least 60 days or of an auto's lifecycle is flowering.

    If you want to smoke airy loose popcorn buds that will not taste good b/c you wanted to veg for 2 wks and flower for 4 wks, then go for it. True growers/breeders have a passion and love for the cannabis plant which is why they produce such great strains and quality bud.

    Time and patience is a valuable quality to have when growing. Time gives you experience and knowledge of the growth cycles; patience gives you the quality and potency you desire from your hard work.

  5. believe me, i would love to grow a monster plant that i do not harvest until it is at its peak but i think all of you are neglecting to consider other factors involved.

    for instance, I DO NOT want a huge plant, to me the bigger the plant the bigger the smell, the bigger the risk of getting caught, all i want is a small plant or two that i can harvest every once and a while for personal use.

    i think the smaller it is the easier it is to hide it, that is why i wanted to know the absolute min. times for the veg and flower stages.

    its not all about just rushing through it... believe me if i had my own house i would of babied around 10 plants until the where ideal for harvesting.
  6. well you can plant it today and harvest next wont get anything but you can rush thru it. You cant just pluck a bud every few days to smoke while its growing...the plant wont be mature enough to get high off of. If you cant wait the 2-3months for a full harvest, I would just suggest buying your least you'll get high off it. Also so you know you dont have to have monster plants...just read some of the stickies, plenty of tips for keeping your plant smaller.

    And if you live at home with your mom and should be responsible about it and tell them what your wanting to do. If they dont want you too...grow outside this spring and respect thier wishes.
  7. If you are seeking small plants, just grow some auto strains. Most only grow 24 inches or so, they are completely mature in 90 days or less, and they are easy to hide and do not smell that bad. The Auto AK and the Auto Lemon Skunk are probably the strongest smelling auto strains.

    As for growing monster plants, I have not grown a plant over 3 ft or so since growing indoors. You do not need big plants to get good bud and decent yields, but you do need time and patience.

  8. The veg time is under your control, so yes you can veg for only two weeks. Realize that doing so will limit your final yield -- allowing the plant to grow out more early on will pay off big time later in secondary growth and additional budsites.

    Flowering time is mostly dictated by the plant's genetics, and sorry to tell you that the minimum is in the 7-8 week range but could be as long as 14 weeks for some sativa strains.

    My recco is that you buy genetics rather than use bagseed since knowing the flowering time will be crucial for you, and then look into a SOG setup for a small perpetual harvest.

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