Increase THC receptor sites, get HIGHER!

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  1. Well after drinking nothing but water for the past week or so, I feel like I get much higher than before.
  2. Here is how you get higher: smoke more weed. Never fails.
  3. I smoke when I can
    And when I can I smoke
    I toke all I can
    If I don't it's cause I'm probably broke
  4. who cares what vitamin it is, just take a vitamin pill, theres bound to be more then 1 vitamin in it that'll help.

    Also eat 2 mangos 30 min before you blaze. It has to be ripe or almost ripe, I don't remember which.
  5. Your brain is basically made of omega 3 and feeds on it to stay healthy. High omega 3s means higher oxygen in your blood and increases electric impulses in the brain Which increases receptors since this omega 3 comes from cannabis hemp!!!

    Pretty cool to find out all forms of cannabis helps human health
    (No wonder the govt is afraid of it)

  6. no shit when I take speed and smoke weed I get higher than when I just smoke weed..... I don't take speed conciously.... its jjust sometimes in my pills loll :eek: but yeahh duhh bro.
  7. I found the answer. Took awhile, but i got it.
  8. The only thing i can think of is omega 3. Other vitamins could indirectly increase the effects by up-regulating dopamine and serotonin receptors though.

  9. Good job, really fantastic.
  10. Thank you. Im working on the best mixture, dose etc. i can tell you this. If you take it, within 10 min you begin to feel the effects of withdrawal in a speeded up way. You will not sleep if you take it before bed.
    Basically, it re-expresses the receptor on the dna level. Its beautiful
  11. I really love withdrawals (especially when I feel the effects in a "speeded up way") and not sleeping before bed. I used to re-express the receptors on the molecular level but doing it on the dna level makes SO much sense. I MUST have your product.
  12. Mycrene or something like that
  13. Its more or less where it frees it.

    And withdrawals like insomnia, over sensitivity etc. not looking for trolls here. I started working on it after i found out that i have cancer. With mmj treatments, i found my tolerance was effected. But the cancer slowed. I needed more treatments with less hang time between. And i found it.
    No trolls
  14. :laughing: ikr
  15. Mans a G
  16. They way u explained it I needa try it buh can I use mango juice rubicon supposedly :)

  17. this
    mango puree kombucha
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    Sorry, but am I missing something? was there a link in your post? I'd really like to know what you're talking about. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Best wishes,
    ~ Z
  19. how come everybody is always trying to get HIGHER? HIGH do you think you can reeeeally get?

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