Increase THC receptor sites, get HIGHER!

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    I know I bet you were hoping to open this and find the answer to the title of the thread. And don't be angry because their is.

    I was smoking a bowl this morning and I remembered this! And who wouldn't want to get the most out of smoking.
    A few months ago I was looking at different studies done pertaining to the THC receptor site in the brain. And at the end of the article there was a list of different vitamins and such said to increase the density of the THC receptor sites.

    After googling it for a while sadly, I couldn't find it.

    So my question to you grasscity is, have any of you come across the article and know the names?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but recreational use gets the most hits, so I thought it would be the best place to look for an answer.
  2. GC: How do you enjoy the herb?

    JtotheP: By eating some vitamins to make THC bond to my brain more, and get me higher when I hit a bowl.

    Yeah, it fits here.

    I'll look for it, and get back, chiggg.

  3. Which is precisely the reason WHY Rec use gets the most hits, everyone thinks their shit is too important for the measly view counts accumulated in the other forums.

  4. which is precisely why I put it here. More people read it more chance of finding an answer. And I don't know about you but I sure would like to know the answer. And I'm sure many others too. But I'll fix it for you buddy.

    If the mods deem this being in the wrong forum then that's that.
  5. 5htp? thats for serotonin though....I dont think such a magic pill exists.
  6. haven't tried it, but i hear if you take some like an hour b4 u smoke that it is supposed to help
  7. i heard vitamin c makes you higher, well i heard drinking orange juice while you smoke or right after makes you higher because of the vitamin c. not sure if its true or just a myth, but either way i like my orange juice so i drink it anyways lol
  8. YOU SUCK. getting me all exited and what not.
  9. I read about making opiates stronger with less of a dose, and many people said that they ate certain food a few days before orally taking opiates, so as to increase the production of a certain enzyme in the liver which causes less of the chemical to be wasted, and thus leading it to be metabolized to enter the brain.
    I would say that this is similar and can possibly cause more of the THC to be delivered to your brain receptors, or even make your receptors 'stronger' or something if you were to take an enzyme supplement [for CB1], or perhaps vitamin C to increase your immune system [for CB2], although it says the role remains unclear.

    Looks like taking minerals could cause more reactions with THC, and less of it to be wasted, but I'm not sure about actually increasing the receptor sites, but then again, things can grow and die much faster on a cellular level than in larger terms.
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    5-HTP is mildly psychoactive itself, aside from increasing serotonin production [yes production, not just stimulating a full release, meaning a comedown from E can be less shitty.], but the bottles of it that they sell in nutrition stores say that it is "drug-free", which who the hell knows what that means. I took some 5-htp before smoking and the combined effect is more relaxing, and generally happier, not necessarily more intoxicated.

    The thing is, that if you can pinpoint the exact mechanism of how THC is a mild painkiller, then somehow making it so the those receptors are more abundant or so that the THC contacts more receptors, then I bet you could acheive and opiate-like high.

    I wish I was a scientist, so I could have the money and materials to figure it out myself.
  11. I remember seeing this article less then a week ago.

    you are supposed to eat a mango an hour before you smoke. Myrcene which the fruit contains helps thc get absorbed.

    The link is on another forum so google:
    \t\t\t\t \t\t\t\tHow to improve the quality of the high from a low quality bud - the magic of Terpenes

  12. read that shit. i just blazed my first waterfall of dank (lemon skunk and afghani) since i woke up (6am).
    ate a mango an hour earlier..
    usually this stuff puts me to sleep at this point. i just get so high i can only sit here and bullshit on the laptop.
    but here i am. high as shit but feeling just chill and a little more energetic than normal - instead of passing out.
    the high quality is improved for sure (been smoking this bud all week so i know the normal effects).
  13. I damn hate hightimes but I can't find any other write-up about the NIMH study of rat THC receptor sites. Anyway here is the entire hightimes article.
    Read the whole thing if you have not yet, its enlightening.
  14. well when I take my ridalin it makes me get a shit load higher than normal
  15. i heard you can eat a mango
  16. i hear you eat dolphin with wings and horn poop make u good thc highness
  17. tagment (a heartburn medicine) potentitates the thc and makes u higher, take it 30-45 mins be4 u smoke n prepare to be really high :)
  18. Not to sure how to increase the THC receptor sites but I do know one thing. When I want to get HIGHER I just smoke alot more.... seems to work for me:smoking:
  19. when i was on vyvanse one time, i smoked a bowl of dank and didn't feel shit. i had a high tolerance from before, but a bowl of dank usually does me in, with about 4-5 good hits, and a little finisher at the end, but i didn't feel shit. fucking dextroamp messed me up bad, but i know ritalin is methylphenidate
  20. ridalin is an amphetamine, when I take adderall its close to impossible to get high. but that doesnt stop me from trying.

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