Inconclusive drug test, wtf

Discussion in 'General' started by Grant64330, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So after managing not to smoke since the 3rd, i bought a drug test kit at wal mart (the most advanced Marijuana Home Drug Test. Marijuana Home Drug Test Information.), and after taking the test (control line+drug line red=pass test) I'm left with a half-red line on the drug section of the test :confused: I'm soon to be posting pics about this, but I was just wondering if any of you blades have had experience with any of these kits, and wtf half passing a "drug test" is supposed to mean
  2. usually that goes by how much is in your system, so for some places even if you have some if its not a lot, or the line isnt solid, then you still considered to be passing

    i always thought that was kinda weird though seems like it should black and white but in some cases it has to do with how much is found

  3. I never understood either why there isn't a simple pass/fail result, I'm just paranoid because the entire line wasnt red, just a small portion of it. I'm thinking maybe a defective unit possibly?
  4. and now you know how we women feel when we take a pregnancy test. there is NO WAY IN HELL you can be a little bit pregnant.

  5. yeah but if the entire line wasn't then what im sayin is it probably just detected some,

    if its solid its a fail/positive right? so if the line shows up feint then you should still be passing by the lab/company standards


  6. its becoming all too familiar
  7. I'd pee on all the sticks, at the same time.
  8. finally got a pic up, explaining can only do so much [​IMG]
  9. thats really weird ^ i honestly cant guess what its supposed to mean so ill just go ahead and say that you are not human

  10. after i mutated for the 5th time i decided it was a good idea to start smoking
  11. If the red drug line appears AT ALL then it's pass. Whether it be half visible, pink, or completely solid, if you can tell where the lines supposed to be at, it's pass.

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