incest! Super contraversial :o

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  1. well I recently found out a buddy of mine fucked his mom and his sister at the same time, I was like damn I wanted to do that but you, that's kinda weird. but idk it doesnt' bother me like I thought it would. Thoughts on that? Anyone have any experiences or a friend?
  2. This is the biggest boner I've ever gotten.
  3. how did you and your friend come about this conversation?

  4. hahaha
  5. I originally put biggest for a reason god dammit
  6. how the hell did they even get to that point within the family? wtf?
  7. dude.. thats fuckin grody.
  8. I would look at that person in a new twisted light if I were you.
    Grasp the fact that he fucked his mother and sister.
    Pretty weird right?
    I hardy believe your friend is telling the truth though, because how fucked up does your whole family have to be that they want to get down on each other.
  9. Where the FUCK is GGrass when you need him.
  10. Your friend is a big fat phony.
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    Sure is '' contraversial'
  12. the fuck,.... that doesnt botehr you? man if my friend fucked his mom and sister that would be weird. like really weird. i could never picture my mom like-ehw.... the fuck man.
  13. somebody has gotta do the deed, if they weren't getting it outside the family maybe they just decided to keep things in house.
  14. look at the bible, there is incest everywhere in the beginning. if all life was lost after the flood we will all be related to noah and therefore having incest with anyone u hook up with. it is not good. nirvana's album "incesticide" says it all


    Where did you live Kentucky?
  16. i find the idea of fucking my step-sister,

    a huge fucking turn on!

    its like being told not to touch the forbidden fruit, then carving a hole in it and fucking it
  17. If they were both extremely hot i would be down. Odds are you would never have the chance to bang a milf and a young hot girl at the same time. Plus you would be able to get a nut without even leaving the house hahaa

  18. [ame=]Family Guy - Big Fat Phony. - YouTube[/ame]
  19. There is something WRONG with a mom that would have sexual relations with her children....There is something WRONG with a father that would do that...Uncle..Aunt...Etc...

    This family needs help...Yes, seriously.

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