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  1. Anyone else use incense when blazing?

    its a nice olfactory stimulant

  2. Yeah I do when I dont vape.
  3. i think it smells pretty bad so i dont like them
  4. I always thought incense seemed pretty suspicious. So I never really used it.
  5. On a very rare occasion I'll light one,something about them just makes a lone session much more relaxing
  6. When incense is available, and I'm at like a chill party place or indoors without fear of being busted, than hell yes with incense.

    My personal all time favorite is Nag-Champa, Satya Sai-Baba brand, the blue box.

    it smells so great, and playing with incense smoke is super fun when you're high. on one of the first bamboo bongs me and some buddies made, i drilled a hole in the platform base for incense sticks.
  7. gotta burn the nag
  8. i love incense, whether im smoking or not. i probably burn about 5-10 sticks a day at my house.
  9. I love incense. I guess we've all seen today's article about it causing cancer?
  10. that's the first i heard about it, so i checked out the article. kind of scary but today EVERYTHING will cause cancer, so I'm not to worried.
  11. i did once and i liked it, but i is a once in a while kind of thing

  12. everything that is except marijuana lol
  13. not a fan i love the smell of weed smoke: joints, blunts, bongs....w/e it may be
  14. yeah, I love incense. whenever I burn at home, I use it. and lots of candles. I love different smells.
  15. gonesh sandalwood ftw
  16. Its great. I love smoking some weed and tripping out on how amazing its smoke looks.

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