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Incense burnin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, Aug 27, 2002.


Do you use incense?

  1. Yes, all the time!

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  2. Sometimes

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  3. Never

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  1. Anybody here burn incense to cover up the smell of pot? I found it to be useful and it smells great. I never knew how much variety there is in incense, but the other week I went to a headshop and bought 10 sticks.
  2. i'll have to say no on this one, my parents seem to know always when i'm smoking in the house, even if its like a hour later. they got noses like drug detecting rats man!
  3. I had the great idea last weekend during the full moon about marijuana scented incense.

    Huh? WTF?

    No its a really great idea and better than using incense to hide the smell of pot. Get this: A cop pulls you over. *sniff, sniff* "Is that marijuana I smell young man? No, sir, just this marijuana flavored incense." And then show him the package. Cop shakes his head and mutters to himself as he walks away.

    Mom walks in your room. "Junior, do I smell marijuana in here? No Mom, just my marijuana flavored incense." And then show her the package

    It's no more a stupid idea than acid washed jeans, and they made Levi Strauss a bajillion dollars.
  4. When I was at school we used it on occasion. But Ive found I like the oils MUCH MUCH better. I suggest to try the oils..Less smokey and after we got in a lil trouble in the apt (on campus) for the smokiness I got a lil oil burning dealy. Very nice. Now im home and dont use incense at all..I use the oils. Is there muh of a difference though between the sticks and cones? the strongness of the smell, or smoke? i never used to cones before..
  5. I voted for NEVER...

    ... but I do often use NagChampa incense, because it smells gorgeous. I don't use it to cover up ganja smells though, because that's even better incense :D

  6. I use alot of incense, I really cant count how much I buy in a month's time. Whenever I use the cones, there is alot more smoke that comes off that little cone than what the stick produces. The smell is a tad bit stronger with the cone as well but the smell doesn't linger as long as if you would use the incense sticks. I use cones, sticks, and the oil. And I personally love those rings you can put on your lamp bulbs that put off a scent whenever the bulb gets hot.
  7. i fifnd that coens are better....less smoke....and much stronger smell....of course.i have a little stand thingy that you put them on..and dont blow the ashes off the top or they DO smoke a LOT...the cones are so much better than the sticks, i have "purple haze" burning right now, it smells so fucking good, the incense..............I LOVE INCENSE IM FUCKING STONED TOO:d:d
  8. I burn incense every so often, mostly the sticks, and rarely use cones, and never tried oils but i should. I'm cheap as can be so i buy packs of 200 incense for $5 (i think about 5), i'm almost out i only have mango left, and it doesn't really leave to much of a smell, you need to burn two to cover up the smell of herb.
  9. bob marley stick incense is really good likey.

    mj incense is a GREAT IDEA!
  10. ya know i've heard of mj incense before, i thought they where already being made, but who knows.... well someone does!
  11. I got some incense cones from Mexico, yea their much stronger, but I also don't have a proper stand for them. Personally I like the sticks better, if your a cheap ass like me, you'll extinguish the stick so you can use it at a later time. I also got an Indian metal incense stand that my friend gave me, that sucker can hold 10 sticks at one time.
  12. i think we were all thinkin something that smells exactly like MJ...all that stuff ive smelled, smells NOTTHING like, not sweaty micheal jordan after a long game with no deodorant...mary jane, marijuana, weed, chronic...thats what tye dont smell like....but what they do smell like is a sweaty micheal jordan after a long game with no deodorant
  13. i always have incense lit even when im not smoking...just feels good. I like the bob marley sticks too.
  14. there is marijuana incense. My friends parents used to burn it for the same reason as "no we just got marijuana incense, thats what you're smelling". I burn nag champa quite often. Usually the sticks but sometimes cones since they give off alot more smoke and burn down quicker. I'm not down with bobmarley incense since its just exploiting his name for a couple extra bucks in some dudes pocket. I guess im just all full of morals.
  15. yea i've seen cannabis incense at some of the smokeshops i've been to.

  16. you can actually get marijuana scented incense, but it really doesn't smell like pot. at least not any pot i'd wanna smoke. lol :D

    i use incense every time - if i'm not too stoned to get off the couch. lol there are LOTS of different scents, and they're pretty cheap. they're usually 5 for a dollar.

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