In your opinion where is the most weed friendly state/county/area?

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  1. OK, I cant taking living in the midwest anymore, things are so backwards here it's getting unbearable. I'm thinking of relocating and weed laws are a major consideration as to were I move. Not only the laws, but the attitude of the general population as well as do the police actually enforce the law. I got a few places in mind but would love to hear other perspectives.

  2. right now id have to say CO or WA... Just due to legality...

    Never seen the WA cannabis scene or anything so i cant speak to its acceptance there, but i know here in Boulder weed has never been taboo... its always around, never a problem, no one cares..... lol
  3. Thanks... this is exactely the kinda info I'm looking for!!
  4. Santa cruz, california
  5. I've not been to Santa Cruz. What in specific makes it so nice?
  6. Yea, I wud def choose Colorado. Denver or Fort Collins specifically, I wudn do Boulder-dont get me wrong, its a nice place to visit but as far as moving, just make sure u like heroin hippies hahaha-----says a dude that lives in Loveland.
  7. Colorado, I go there every summer. It's one of the easiest places to get weed from, but Cali's the easiest place to get medical. It's a tossup

  8. Lol ive lived in Boulder for almost 24 years and ive never had trouble with the people you are describing... I wont deny their existence, but they are a more recent issue and a small one at that lol but lets leave discussion of them out because their drug of choice is a forbidden topic here lol
  9. Yeah, obviously Colorado and Washington at this point.

    Aside from those, you'll wanna be on the coasts. North coast when it comes to the east. Oregon and California are both very weed friendly.

    Avoid red states, especially anywhere in the Bible Belt. :p
  10. [quote name='"Argaha"']I've not been to Santa Cruz. What in specific makes it so nice?[/quote]

    Its a beautuful town with ocean views, forests and mountains, really laid back. Lots of college kids and old hippies. Very 420 friendly
  11. California (especially northern) and Oregon. Colorado is obviously excellent. Not too familiar with the new laws in Washington but I assume they're very friendly.

  12. Washington laws aren't quite as friendly as Colorado, but weed is still legal there so it's definitely more friendly than 48 other states. :D

    There are a few differences between Colorado and Washington, most importantly that the Washington law does not allow for growing without a permit from the state. I'm not sure about Colorado's limitations on possession and age, but in Washington you can legally possess an ounce or less if you're 21 or older.
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    D.C. sure-as-shit isn't. In that aspect, I'm really excited to move to Boston next month—granted, decriminalization isn't perfect but it's a damn sight better than facing federal, pound-me-in-the-ass prison for possession.
  14. Come to Georgia...weed laws are great -_- (stay far away haha)
  15. Northern California and certainly now Colorado.
  16. not where I live...
  17. Thanks for the input all. Dont think I can afford Cali... lol I'm a teacher. Looks like Col it is :)

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