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Discussion in 'General' started by NeoStuntzz, May 10, 2006.

  1. Hey Just wondering how many GC Members are in Va, I dont wanna feel like the only one out there
  2. Right here!
  3. springfield, virginia.. represent!:smoke:
  4. SouthSide of Richmond!!! holla back :)
  5. Anyone near or Around Cville by chance hello out there give me a shout out :wave:
  6. Cville as in CHarlottesville or as in Centreville? or some other ville?
  7. Fredericksburg right here man!
  8. I'm in virginia
  9. well i mean Charlottesville but me personally iam in Louisa just lookin for peeps near or around me
  10. Falls church yall!
  11. I'm in VA, Roanoke to be exact. I know theres a couple more. DirtyBongWater...Rollin_fatty


  12. dangerously close to me
  13. I live in Richmond, downtown, and am completely dry. I was out of state for the last 8 months for work, and now that I'm back, my old hookups are all gone. I'm trying this as a last resort, and hoping someone responds. Shoot me an AIM at spookysa. PLEASE!!!!
  14. I live in PA, but im goin to charlottesville tomorrow...more specifically Crozet. I remember playin Louisa in high school guys are pretty good. played for wahs by the way.

    im bringin a lot of weed down cuz its cheaper up here!
  15. I'm way late to this but yup I'm in VA. Around VA Beach. :smoke:
  16. in fairfax, damn close to all the fallschurch people.
  17. Va Beach.. represent the 757
  18. Representin P-town bitches:smoking:
  19. haha noice!!! I'm not far from you bubba. :smoke:

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