In The Morning

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - J. Cole ft. Drake - In The Morning Instrumental w/ Download Link![/ame]

    This song/poem was written to the instrumental above.
    This piece of art is very personal to me but i though it was very good and so I decided to share it with the all the blades, so here you go. (Please be gentle)

    they say to write you need passion
    when i think about you its forever lastin
    without you id be forever ever crashin
    well now im laughing about how could this happen
    i was just thinking about tapping
    now i want out of my old habits snapping
    barely even know ya but i know enough to want ta
    so you might wanna ring the docta
    cause i guess he just might outta
    know how to deal with this pitpatta
    of this lonely heart thats just tired of being apart
    but we might as well cut the malark
    in your story ill never be a bookmark
    aint selling nothing 2 feet
    just trying to dig a lil deep
    yet would be ecstatic for a peek
    being blunts but it may seem bleek
    but id love to hear for you and me 'fo the beep
    is it to much to need you and me being care free
    hey, just maybe.
    but im up to take the risk of seeming a lil brisk
    is it sad to say my life would be complete with one kiss/
    just your laugh and smile make this distraught worthwhile
    gazing upon a divine summer fine dime(in the background: isnt that j coles line?) id go the extra 20 miles
    that makes me want to for the first time to cross the line
    since you actually took the time/
    to cross my mind multiple times/
    but this intersection is suicide to walk in blind/
    cause i seem to have a lot on my cap
    even long before you landed in my lap

    But i just wanna know,
    you wanna blaze in the mornin'
    wake and bake while you yawnin'
    just maybe we could get to moanin'
    man thats what im hopin'

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