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In the mail today

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lawlnub, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Today I opened my box from an online head shop. I got a ROOR pocket friend and a medium size space case. I open the box and came to find that my pocket friend was smashed into a million pieces and my space case's teeth are literally bent and shit (this is a stainless steel space case) and the screen was broken through and the bottom of the space case wasnt even there. I looked at the bottom of the box and I notice some of the tape was different from the other tape and on it it said "Checked by Home Land Security" wtf is that bullshit! So my pocket friend and space case were I guess "Terrorist" and they had to smash them. Good job! Anyone ever heard or had this happen to them?

    Heres a couple pictures of the smashed items -
    ROOR pocket friend (whats left of it) -

    The 3 of 4 pieces I received of my space case -
  2. got a pic of the tape/ box? i'm curious to see what that looks like.

    but thats messed up!
  3. Man, that's right fucked up. Goddamn governmnet. They have the right to search packages and shit, but not destroy the contents. You have a lawsuit on your hands, buddy.
  4. werd lets see the package

    i think its weird as hell they nicely wrap all that shit back up n send it to you all broken instead of just pitching it
  5. also, i was under the impression that they seized your stuff and then just sent you a notice in the mail saying your package was confiscated and thats the end of it.

    don't know from personal experience, though
  6. I say its lawsuit-able but, they can always say it got broken int he mail, but if that was the case then your grinder couldn't have been bent to shit i say take multiply pictures and just go from there, but who ever did that is a DICK!
  7. [​IMG]

    A couple pics of the box
  8. yeah that's retarded, bongs and grinders aren't ilegal, you should complain to someone
  9. thanks for posting that pic
  10. What is going on with our country? You're telling me that the Dept. of Homeland Sec. has the time and resources to bust glassware and a grinder. My taxdollars being well spent!
  11. you should most definatly complain because it was just someone fucking with you.... They didnt do there job bongs are legal.
  12. Wow thats fucked up on their part. Its fucking BS dog, all for a clean grinder and pocket friend
  13. wow..

    Well ive recieved smashed pipes in the mail (like the one in my avatar came in all smashed the first time, returned it for a new one :D), but there is no way in fucking hell that they could mishandle a spacecase and fuck it up into that.

    You may not be able to prove the pocket friend was done by them, but you sure as hell know the space case was fucked over by something on purpose.
  14. Sue them sue them sue them sue them sue them!!!!

    Man that is right-fucked, probably some dip-fuck Bible-tard stopping your "immorality". See the case of some Homeland Security fuckers telling people in a library (public) that porn was illegal on the comps, "terrorist" reasons and such. Needless to say, they got owned up on. Same gay shit of giving some redneckity Jesus freaks a badge and the mission to save the world.
  15. yeah, contact the dept of homeland security and demand monitary compensation or else you will sue them for illegal search and seizure. it would be one thing if they were used and there was weed residue inside them, but they were new and that is in NO WAY legal to destroy new merchandice no matter what it is. if they fail to respond, file a complaint and see how far it gets you. these customs people are real assholes and need to be kept in check. its one thing to seize seeds and actual weed, but this is alltogether different. hell maybe you could even get the asshat that did this fired. good luck
  16. Damn man thats straight fooked. You better complain and take action. Dont just sit around and say nothing or else they'll think they can pull shit like this. This is worse than a dickhead cop.
  17. As fucked up as it all of you people REALLY think it's a good idea to bug the Fed about some broken mail (yes, it was obviously broken on purpose, but...). Who wants the Fed to know what your name is? Especially if you're a stoner.

    I just don't think it'd be smart.

    P.S. I thought any sort of bong/pipe/etc is illegal according to federal that's no good either.

  18. And that's exactly why they think they can do this kind of shit. People put them above the law, they don't put themselves. I say take action!
  19. Ttt-t-totaly! :smoke:
  20. I fully agree with you, up to the point where you said take action. I'm totally in your frame of mind bro, and I agree with you 99.99_%...but, if you're doing something illegal, there are probably some consequences you might have to endure...I dunno man, I just don't order illegal shit through the mail.

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