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In search of help remodeling my dresser grow !

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by masterdebater49, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. :smoking: Heres the deal guys. I made a quick grow box out of my dresser and some bagseed. Im ditching the bagseed plants because i stunted their growth. I got excited and rushed into things but I have learned A LOT. and now my Lowryder AK47 seeds will be arriving next week so its time to get a little more serious about this because i just invested some money I dont have in seeds lol :p

    I plan on keeping a well kept journal on here of the whole process from rebuilding my dresser to harvest as well so help me out!!:cool:

    First off Heres what she looks like now...(also the closet to the left might be getting a rubbermaid box in it to hold clones in the future if im not to lazy)


    and when you turn her around..


    here are some questions I had right away when I decided to redo the dresser

    1) Now I still use the top drawer but if i take it out I'll get another 8 or 9 inches of Height so instead of 25" ill have 33" - 34" Do you guys think this is necessary for Lowryder plants? I plan on LSTing as well. only reasons I dont want to is one, i like having my junk drawer lol and two I have to cut new walls of that white reflective stuff =p

    2) How can I mount the lights horizontally so they can be raised or lowered (with a reflector) I was thinking of doing something like this but I am a complete noob with wiring and dont feel safe doing it haha. Maybe theres a simpler solution? I also want to get 1 bulb on each side somehow so the plants get light from the top and sides. http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/231455-inexpensive-diy-grow-light.html

    3) My biggest problem is I cannot figure out how I want to do the back door to my dresser. Before I just put some computer fans and louvers right in the backboard peice, added some hinges and voila! but it wasnt very stealthy at all. Light got through the fans and the rim of the door I made. look I even had to duct tape it shut every time lol

    4) Should I stick with using 3 or 4 computer fans to ventilate the cab? Or could I find a single fairly inexpensive and VERY SILENT* more powerful blower/duct/bath fan that I can attack to that bendy silver ducting tubes. I have looked and cant seem to find one that would work for me =/

    5) Odor control will be a problem when flowering begins. I wasnt sure how I could do a DIY carbon filter with computer fans so I never made one..I just got stoned instead :wave:

    Now I know it may look like im asking you guys to build the whole damn thing for me but I am not. I am just overwhelmed here and need to get this done before my seeds arrive... Plus who doesnt like to spark one up and chat about anything weed related :smoking:
  2. A few tips: Look into 6" inline fans from Lowe's. Pretty high cfms. Better for a future carbon filter. CONSIDER putting the exhaust hole out of the top of your dresser (yes, this would entail you giving up your junk drawer) and cover the hole with a pvc elbow. Paint it black inside so no light escapes. Then you're just left with hiding a pvc elbow which can be done with a lamp with a false back or even just carefully placed junk. Elbow to later be replaced with a carbon filter that will also block light.

    As far as mobile lights, I've found that placing your lights in a permanent position and moving your plants is a little easier. This can be done with with small tupperware, plastic cups, or even little metal grate things for the bathroom.

    And if the fan seems a little less than stealthy, just place an actual fan on top of your dresser and leave it on. Problem solved.
  3. Im looking into making one of these myself. you could just take some extension cords ( not the really nice orange long ones the ones that look like a cord from a lamp ) and cut the female plugs end off and take those wires and hookum up to a regular celing light fixture and then get a very strong glue and mount them to the sides of the dresser. you would need 2 more electrical inputs tho. but thats just my theory for getting almost 360 of light
  4. Oh! And an emergency blanket. 3 bucks from your local Wallymart. Camping section. You wanna get the most out of those lumens.

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