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  1. in response to HJ's post. Where I live in the good ol USA it is not anything like that and no i am not in cali, better do some research on your laws my brother, not trying to step on anyones toes at all, just a freindly notice that in some states we are making a difference in MJ cult. laws like the one i live in. 50g or less cultivated is only punishable by fine for first timers here. Best to you all in "those" states. Sorry guys, yes you need to be carefull, but i would rather take the chance of having 2-3 plants rather than get shot for my money or get ripped by some ghetto kid. IMHO
  2. Shade is a baaaadd asss farmer :p All that cultivation in the hood makes allot of street shootouts over those fine buds.

    Duck and hide motherfuckers :D
  3. I know i lived there for 15 fucking years and hate it with every part of my heart KID!!!!!! No need to be rude, i was stating an opinion which is what forums are for, sorry to get you all twisted up. hahahahahaha

  4. what makes you think you'll be shot for going to buy weed? even in the ghetto....? plus... why would you buy your stuff from a kid anyway.... thats just wrong....

    find better connections if your afraid..... thats just my opinion... and yeah... growing your own is the best option if you have the circumstances to e able too...
  5. ok enough is enough!!!!!! I grew up in East St. Louis, one of the nastiest ghettos in the country if not the world!!! I did not mean to offend anyone, at all really, i did not, you all took me all wrong, i am just here to chill with like minded folks. I was shot in the head with a .280 when i was a young teen buying pot, got wet over $100. And to you the one who thought i bought pot from children i LMAO, my lingo is diff from yours i guess, kid is like d00d to me i use it to refer to a hipster or a guy, got me??? follow???? So as i stated i started growing my own herb to keep off the streets and out of jail/trouble.

    420, d00d we got off to a terrible start, i have been told what a great guy you are. We are both obviously a lil hardened. so lets share the knowledge and paint it green. Heres to a better future.
  6. I feel ya, i am much older but know what you mean. Some hate me for it but i think my bois nelly and murph have done more for this city than anything in 20 years, it was crazy when i was a young white boi coming up in one of the hardest areas around but i did ok went away for a bit, read and learned to love and to live.
  7. holy shit, just rfead the laws for ohio, and cultivating up to 100g is a $100 fine...... thats insane. you get a bigger fine for having a bong than fuckin growing!!! in my state its a felony to grow any amount and gets 5 years + $10,000. in oregon it is a felony that will get you 10 years and $200,000 fine. as a matter of fact, only ohio and colorado get no jail time for growing...... so as i said, most or the US it serves a stiff penalty (any jail time is no fun) and in most states (90%) its a felony...... even alaska its a felony......

    and heres federal law (laws that apply to all states)(DEA is federal)

    Any amount (first offense) misdemeanor 1 year $1,000
    Any amount (second offense) misdemeanor 15 days MMS* $2,500
    Any amount (subsequent offense) misdemeanor or felony 90 days MMS* - 3 years $5,000
    *Mandatory minimum sentence.
    Sale or Cultivation
    Less than 50 kg felony 5 years $250,000
    50 to 100 kg felony 20 years $1,000,000
    100 to 1,000 kg felony 5 - 40 years $2,000,000
    1000 kg or more felony 10 years - life $4,000,000
    To a minor felony double penalty double penalty
    Within 1,000 feet of a school, or other specified areas felony double penalty double penalty
    Gift of small amount see Possession
  8. st. louis isn't so bad. :D in the north county (where i live), someone got shot at the 7-11 down the street. someone got shot by a stranger just walking out on his driveway.. 2 people went around car jacking people for fun :D somewhere a bit south, some suv got shot up with people in it full-auto like for its rims (i think i don't remember the story exactly)

    okok maybe st. louis is kinda bad. but hey organic 4ever, you know McRee? :D heheh that's pretty bad.

    i don't get the stealing and killing. i would much rather have a crappy job and party a lot with some buddies. same goes for 100% of my friends. if i got jacked and had a joint in my pocket, i would say "heyhey :: puts his hands up :: don't shoot take whatever, chill out, smoke this joint with me"

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