In Proposed Question of the Illegality of Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by GM-2X, May 16, 2010.

  1. In search of the truth upon experimentation, the natural state of events is the eventual questioning of the lawmaking motive. Genuine experience and explanation reveals the immediacy of the human state of consciousness. Upon journey outside the norm one finds the ability that is unknown to most upon memory and recollection of life. This ability is the gift of exploration beyond one's own conscious perspective. Through the analysis of the absolute through multiple angles a greater understanding is born.

    Then the question is simple. If those in control of the structure of society that presents itself presently have a greater understanding then those beneath them displayed by their position and the falsities society has tied to them is their understanding at fault or can other conclusion be made? Through those that sit atop societies apparent mastery of modern materialism one does not have all the evidence needed to propose that they have an understanding that runs as deep as the springs of ancient wisdom, but one can prove through the tests of logic and common sense that a man with understanding enough to ascend society's ladder has an understanding of the things existant in the laws of physicality. Here the question is again restated, but louder with more intent. Why is what is logically a damaging point of society allowed to exist under falsities that lost relevance since the 1960's with rapid momentum?

    The men atop are left with but two answers.
    1. They are too nearsided and lacking of the ability to see any decision as a whole disaccociated with the false knowledge of the past in order to continue the idealized betterment of society.
    2. They see the truths and possibility surrounding a plant that allows an individual the ability to explore truth from different perspectives yet withhold it from the public.

    If one is correct then the solution is simple. Society has failed through it's structure and an issue such as this makes it all too evident by the failings of our leaders' mental capacity.
    However, if two is correct there is much to analyze and propose. What is the meaning if those who lead us retain knowledge of the truth? It is most immediately evident that a man of power must be a man of just equality. Through withholding of knowledge of the knowledge of truth one withholds the beginning of power. Yes, could it be so, that the men who lead you and I could have aspirations to withhold power and through power understanding of the 10 and knowledge of absolute truth? Could it be that truth is their link to earthly power? And, that this power has been retained through the most perfected form of the withholding of truth? The planting of false truths which have bloomed now for generations. Cast it off, and plant seeds that spread truth like dandelions spread in the wind.

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