Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MoW, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. I ran out of room indoors and the weather is rather perfect for outdoors. So I moved about 8 plants outside...we will see how it goes.
    They have been out there for 2 weeks now and have made the shock ..if any and seem to be happy although they haven't grown much..
    They get direct sun 10 + hours a day how is that going to affect the growing cycle. Will they bud when the lighting cycle changes or sooner?
  2. Yeah when the light cycle changes or late summer when it starts to cool off. Mine shot out a few little bud the other day because of a little cold snap.
  3. well the fact of the matter is...

    annual plants dont necessarily react to the amount of light but to the amount of light compared to the day before.

    meaning that, if the light is progressively getting longer each day as in spring time....then the plant shouldnt really flower or flower much. as the sunlight gets shorter...that triggers the plant to wanna flower.

    so put ur plants out in the spring is no biggie...they shouldnt flower till aug in my hemisphere at least

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