In one session, do you use less weed when you vape than when you smoke?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lwien, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Ok, so here's a poll.

    The question is, do you find that you consume LESS, MORE or the same amount of weed when you vape than when you smoke to get to the same high? (take the edibles or qwiso made from ABV out of this equation).
  2. wheres the poll?

    i dont tape my nugs :confused:
  3. Did you make the other thread too? The one saying using less weed when you vape, does this include iolite? Weird two of the same post would come up together.
  4. You are competing vape vs. EVERYTHING else? You should use bong as the competition, since i think those are the closest comparisons. What do you think?
    I use wayyyy less in the vape than i do a blunt. But about 1/2 to 2/3rds more in the vape, than my bong.

  5. Yes, everything else. The question is, do you use less bud when you vape then when you use ANY kind of way to consume smoke.
  6. well u consume less in one sesh, but i take more during the day cus its do damn convenient.
  7. Per session, it's noticeably less when I get to vape.
    And it'll be muuuuch less once I have my own.

  8. Good point. I changed to the title to the use in one session.
  9. When i smoke a big fat blunt, i use wayyyyyy less in my
  10. Alright, all this vaping talk.... inspired me to go hit the vaporgenie through the bong....

    I think I need to start vaping more...

    May also need to start keeping a weed consumption diary lol.
  11. you smoke less to get the same high when you vape, vaping cuts your shit down in half, and i find that i get equally or more stoned.

  12. This was my experience as well. When I went from smoking a bong to a VaporGenie and then a Buddha Vape, my consumption was cut in half. When I went from those vapes to the Purple Days, it was cut in half again.
  13. Bumping this poll just to keep it on the first page. Thanks for voting guys.
  14. I usually find myself toking about the same amount but for the amount I use in the vape I get higher although I prefer smoking my bong because it's more fun :confused:
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    I have a vaporgenie too and ive been wondering if you could hit it through a bong. How do you do it?
  16. I've always been pretty conservative and was really glad when I bought a vape...I personally feel like yes I do use a little less herb but its mainly becasue I get soooo many hits on the vape..after I hit the vape like 10 or 12 times I'm like "shit bro I have stuff to do today":D
  17. I just stick it in the enormous bowl that came with my piece, It ends up sideways for me but still works.
  18. I use way less per session, but because I have a portable vape, it opens opportunities for me to enjoy my herb, where smoking would get me in trouble. So in essence, my vape is an enabler ;)

    All kidding aside, my iolite uses .15g-.2g per bowl. In the fall, I'm gonna get a PD so I can use 1/10 the herb I'm using now.
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    i feel the same way dude. sometimes i can't even finish one pack in my dbv because i have to function for the rest of the day.
  20. I got a rather efficient vape, but I use less bud per session, and less bud overall by far. I went from smoking once a day, and often skipping at least 1-2 days a week to vaping daily, several times if I'm not busy. Even with the dramatic increase in how often I get high, I still use less bud than I was before.

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