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In need of some knowledgable grower opinions

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrweekss, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Just a few quick questions I need some opinions on from all you smart grass city stoners out there.

    What I'm currently working with at the moment is 3 pretty cloned ladies recently transplanted a few days ago. They are under just a basic 3 ft fluorescent shop light with two tubes (this being one of my problems) The shop light is very low wattage and lumens so I'm only using it for the time being until I find a legit grow light that will produce my 3 babes at least a couple ounces each? if thats achievable in my price range.... I don't really want to go over 100 bucks for a system.
    So does anyone know of some legit links to a few sites that have some nice affordable grow lights. Also what are your suggestions for the types of systems I was looking into getting the hps system but I also hear t5s are of good price and get the job done as well. Any input will be appreciated!
    Thanks everyone
  2. htg it

    clones dont yeild as much as plant started from seed. so an ounce each will require a shit ton of light.

    im not sure if youve researched at all...but hps will get you through an entire grow.
    but metal halides best for the vegatative stage. hps is best for flowering.
    if u go with hid lights (high intensity discharge) youll need good ventilation cuz those mothers are hot.
    and only 100 bucks for a system id recommend using cfl lights.
    hid lights are an investment but well worth it.
    good luck
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    Unfortunatly there is not much you can do with under 100$, a decent HID setup will run you at least $300 and a decent t5 fixture with bulbs usually runs around 200$ (unless you can find used stuff). I would go as far to say forget about growing more than one plant and stick with a one plant cfl grow and don't expect big yields or dense buds with cfls, you will get very fluffy weed.. I tried the whole cfl thing for a while, they burn out and will need to replaced and costs will add up quick, I learned quick for a small grow it is best to invest in a proper tent setup for around a grand or DIY for less. Start saving :). I know a grand is like :-O (if you bought used and made your own tent/system for housing lights/vents you could probably get that around 500$) But the way I looked at it in the long run you save money.
  4. Thanks everyone.
    But there's actually many options for around 100 dollars or just a little more online for the small size grow I'm trying to achieve. I just wanted to know which type of lights hps led flourecent cfl they liked the best and any specific deals or sites they liked.
  5. Like the second post, htg supply you can get the best quality for the cheapest price also
  6. clones dont yeild as much as plant started from seed. so an ounce each will require a shit ton of light.

    While I do use two 1,000w HPS for flowering, I am able to harvest anywhere from six to 12 ounces each from my clones (without a single bottled nutrient) - I like seedlings but don't like chancing males either so clones are the way to go for me.

    I actually don't believe that seedlings produce more than clones - it all depends on the garden.

  7. 6 to 12 oz per clone?!?

    that is alot of light but those clones must have alot of room to get big...thats impressive
  8. Yes.

    If course they are vegged for several months (6-8 weeks) so they are fairly large before they hit the flower room, where I run a perpetual cycle. I try and set it up so that I take 1 plant down every 10-14 days. I also flower them for anywhere from 10-12 weeks depending on the variety.

    Homemade organic soil, kept moist with tap water and an occasional tea. I keep six of these under 2,000 watts of HPS lighting. Here is an example -

    No bottled nutrients used, pH never checked, just ol' fashioned organic gardening goodness.

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. wow man got me looking more into clones and apparently you treat em just like seeded plants-longer you veg better the yeild. you opened my eyes, i have reconsidered my future plans. clones it is!

    sorry for the false info mrweeks
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    I honestly don't believe it matters either way - clone or seed; it all comes down to vigorous plant health.

    I apologize for getting off topic.

    I grew using bottled nutrients - all different ones for many years, since the early 80's and did very well, but several years ago I was turned onto "organic living soil" gardening, and now I'll never use another method again. My plants are just so ridiculously healthy these days, which, by default results in heavy thick stinky flowers. I love the fact that I don't need to check or worry about pH or PPM's, always mixing up this and that and balancing it out or checking runoff, worrying about lockouts or deficiencies - you know the deal. Everything needed is mixed into the soil and from ten on the ants take what they need and when they need it - I just need to keep them moist and watch them grow big and fat.

    Edit - sorry, I like this one lol -

    I haven't had to spend money at the grow store in several years now (I had to go buy some light bulbs a few months ago) as I have been able to continuously re-use the same soil for several years now - that's how rich it is.

    Cheap, very productive and absolutely no hassles - that's for me.


  11. By the way Mr Weeks, if you are thinking about using fluorescents, I would definetly use a T5 over regular shop light tubes. I use a T5 for early veg and it works well up to a certain height. After that you just don't get the penetration below the canopy that you will with a HID light.

    Have you thought about looking on craigslist?

  12. I have my eye currently on a 150 watt hps system on eBay for about 115 free shipping with both bulbs, pretty damn good deal I'd say. I researched a little and I came up with 150 watt hps/mh is better off then a cheap t5 system for the same price. The lumens just can't be matched it seems like. Hopefully it won't spike my power bill to much : /
  13. Not with a 150 watt it won't! And HiD is definetly better than T5. The good thing about a T5 (mine is a 4 bulb) is that it will cover more area vs a single bulb in the middle.

    A big deal with HPS/MH is that there are cheapo bulbs that are "so-so" and much better (and much more expensive - my 1,000 watt Hortilux EYE bulbs are around $150) but I don't think with a 150 watt that you need concern yourself with that.

    You will still want to set up some kind of ventilation even with a 150 just so you can get your bulb fairly close to your plants (maybe 16"-18"?) without burning them.

    You are not going to want to grow your plants very tall with this light before flowering them, as it won't have the power to get very deep into the canopy once they do get tall(er).

    Good luck with your light.

  14. PS - just curious - what are you planning on for your actual garden method? ie: hydroponic nutrients, or soil, etc?

  15. i picked up a light system on Ebay for $139.00 can use 150 to 400 watt and it came with 1 400 watt MH and one 400 watt Hps . works like a charm . i use 23watt daylight cfl's 4 to 6 for most of my veg depending on how many plants then switched to a 250watt MH for last 3 weeks of veg .works like a charm .better to spend a few more dollars and have a good system ---Erb
  16. Just got a 400w iPower hps, with 400w mh bulb, dimable ballast, reflector, and adjustable hangers for $125 shipped to my door.

    I'll post the link if anyone is interested

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