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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Devin33, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Im a noob, ive been smoking for about 3 years now and just started to get real into it. a few weeks ago i sprouted 3 seeds from my bag of goodies, they sprouted after about three days, so i went to the garage, filled a plastic cup up full of "sta-green" soil crap, dropped my seeds in there and watered it and set it in the sun.

    now, i had three little plants about 3 inches tall, i took the two smallest ones out because i read that they could get tangled and die, now i have 1 4" plant growing, it has 2 round leaves, then sprouting out of that there is 2 big ridged leaves and two more little ones coming out of those... ive been watering it every couple days, can anyone help me or tell me what im doing wrong? what should be my next step? will this plant even bud?

    thanks, Devin
  2. Devin, you have a lot to learn.

    I myself am a very new grower but I can tell you a couple of things:

    1) Only female plants produce buds, your plant has a 50% chance to be a female, so unless you are planning to plant more seeds, you pretty much have a 50% chance to get no dope at all.
    2) Where do you plan to plant it when it gets bigger? indoors? outdoors?
    There is a major difference between outdoor growing and indoor growing.
    3) How much $ are you willing to spend? :)
  3. once it got bigger i was going to plant it near-by my house outdoors.

    i guess i do have a lot to learn hahaa

    is there a difference between female seeds and male?
  4. is there anyway i can tell the difference between a male and female plant while its still young
  5. See the sticky about sexing.

    I know that mine didn't start to show definite sex until around 6 weeks.
  6. Pretty late to be planting outdoors.

    No way to determine sex this soon.

    You need almost complete darkness to flower, and you're a long way from that.

    Do some reading and then ask questions about what you cannot quite get.

    Read again.

    Good luck
  7. if you plan to grow outdoors your in a pretty bad situation, you can't plant now since its too hot. Consider an indoors soloution
  8. thanks for your help, im just going to start over, with feminized seeds, and grow indoors, and im highhh :) haha
  9. Read, Learn, Nurture, Repeat.
  10. well everyone has been tellin me its too hot, but its grown almost a half inch in the past 2 days, all im doing is leaving it in the sunlight and bringin it into my room at about 9 at night and keeping it in this light free cabinet type thing
  11. well then keep going i guess
    how hot is it out there?

    And remember, even if you do everything right, you still have 50% chance to get a male
  12. i wouldnt start over... theres nothing wrong with the plant you have growing
    definately plant more seeds, but theres no need to destroy the little guy/girl quite yet

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