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in need of an opinion...

Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. well...whenh i moved to tn i basically stopped dancing...and then with the pregnancy and such i REALLY had to stop....
    but lately ive been wanting to seriously get back into it, i even have a "dance party" with aidan every night before he goes to bed to wear him out a little more...

    now, im seriously out of shape :at least for dancing, it hurts to stretch the way i used to: but since my energy is getting back up and ive been able to sleep more at night, ive been wanting to get back into it more and more...

    what do you guys think? think i should considder doing this again? or should i just keep it to the regular bedtime dance routine with booboo?:confused:


    ive also been wanting to hit singing again...but have no where to sing, or a band ne idk if ill get into that as seriously again... :(
  2. My advice is to at least start stretching again. Get your flexibility back up. Like when you wake up in the morning, spend a few minutes and stretch your entire body. This will also help get your blood flowing and keep you awake during the day.
  3. hey sweets! yeah i do stretch out in the am, and at going to TRY to not push myself too hard either, but for me thats kinda long as i dont end up in the hospital....again...i think ill be fine

    yeah i had to go to the hospital for doing a leg stretch before...THAT was fun:rolleyes:
  4. Ouch...well the next thing I guess would be getting your cardio up
  5. I definitely think you should take up dancing again. You seem passionate about it, and everybody should always go for whatever they're passionate about.

    Plus dancers are sexy, lol
  6. what i USED to look like when i danced...


    plz ignore the funny face and the messy room in the second pic..:rolleyes:
  7. Trust me, thats not what Im looking at;)

    Hot damn, you have the same 'Shit Happens' poster as me!
  8. I think it is an awsome idea. Not many people have the gumption to start an old activity again after all that, well i mean i wouldnt be able to lol so I kind of envy you for that reason:p. You should really go for whatever makes you happy. have fun and remember not to push yourself to hard right away. Goodluck :D
  9. Well damn :D
  10. lolz..u always make me grin:p

    i also think id be a great way to finish getting rid of some more of the baby weight...i mean, ive lost most of it, just need to tone out more...
    think of it this way... if any of you check out tea's thread

    i USED to be able to do basically all that, minus a few things...

    im way outta shape and cant stretch nearly half like that any more:( and i DO miss it, so yeah, starting tomorrow, im gonna get hardcore with this shit:rolleyes:
  11. You should totally get back into it!
  12. You do the same for me. Right now Im looking at a pic of you making out with another girl:ey:
  13. dude..i dont even remember her name if your talking about the blond chick...lolz
    that guy in the background with the shit eatin grin was my bf too...he instigated it:p
  14. Ha, Im sure he did. He was probably waiting for you to ask him to join:p
  15. lolz...

    well..i stretched out last night before bed, and my legs killed me, but i delt with it, its going to hurt, and im not a newbie to it, if it DIDNT hurt i wouldve been amazed:eek:
  16. You shouldnt have to ask... of course you should! Dont wanna get too fat now do ya? ;)
  17. I can't tell if you're considering stripping or dancing for fun. So...

    Stripping: Umm... no... get an education and then a CAREER using that education.
    Singing: Check out open mics. My favorite music venue/bar has one every week. Improvising is fun and a thrill.
  18. lol! no..not stripping...cuz i think me doing that in front of/with my 7month old would be terrible...


    and it wasnt totally for fun, ive gotten gigs for/with bands and also for actual shows/plays ect...

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