In need of a growing mentor

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  1. I need a mentor who will guide me through this process , I also need to some questions answered.for now I'm growin some Reggie
    What's the best/cheapest soil I need ?
    What wattage bulbs do I need?
    What's a good grow tent?
    What's a good/cheap brand of plant food?
    I read up on how to grow etc and what to do and wat not to do like never grow with miricale grow etc, if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it :smoke:
  2. So can I ask have u actually got anything yet? Like a place to grow, the funds? Seeds even?
  3. Remember, this is an investment... Cheap is not always good. My suggestion is just hang out in the grow sections that interest you. Learn all you can until you think you are ready to begin. Start purchasing little things here and there... Find resources in your town that can benefit you (hydro shops, garden centers ect).

    I'm a noob myself, but if you have any questions, you can fire away. Good luck on your journey homie!:)
  4. I took a year just reading and looking at pictures to prevent me from making noob mistakes. Good luck
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    I'd start here.This will teach you how to grow a MJ plant period.

    Marijuana BUDS for less - Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100 b (download torrent) - TPB
    This is a free book.Youll need a torrent downloader if you dont have one.Bit torrent,and utorrent are 2 i can think of.DL the left option.

    This guy has a great organic method.After reading his top post click his sig,and a few posts down he gives a good starter mix for new guys.This will be the cheapest easiest method for a new guy.

    Plant problems guides.

    Also check these videos out by The Urban grower.Start watching from bottom of the page.I know they are small videos,but utube doesnt have them all.

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    ^^what he said :)

  7. ^^^ Jerry is the motherfucking MAN!!! I never went to him directly for help, but got so much helpful info from his posts.:cool:
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    I did the same thing, read for over a year & still made plenty of mistakes. But a year down the road family says I've got beautiful plants & grow some stoned to the bone weed.
    I've found that experience is the best teacher & if your looking for a mentor just throw the questions out there, experienced growers will answer.
    Cheers & Good Luck:D

    edit: One suggestion is the search feature, use it before you ask. Some growers get a tad touchy when asked for easily available info.
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    All these guy's have good points. Mine is if you live in the northern part of Canada and are growing indoors I could possibly be your mentor. I could send you seeds so I know what your growing.

    Besides that, a marijuana seed has 65? canniboids, in other words they are as varied as us, humans, in other words every single grow is different, if you live near the 49th that would be good. Then you'ld have to make exactly the same setup as mine. Growing dirt and hydro indoors, northern Alberta for two yrs. Cheers.

    ps. I guess I could have looked. Ohio is pretty close, might be a humidity issue that's about all. You'll need enough for 600w hps to start and of course, a closet space and up.

  10. Got all of it except the seeds, trying to find kush seeds before I start my Reggie

  11. Thanks man! I'm gonna keep u in mind I'll keep u updated too :smoke:

  12. If u can donate seeds that would be great! This is why I love Canadians and Canada period , everyone is so nice lol

  13. Thanks man!
  14. I germinated my seeds today but idk of I'm gonna plant them , my growin buddy is being stingy with his money
  15. Hi Joints only,
    Watching your dollars is a good thing but being stingy with growing money isn't too wise. I've been growing for a little over a year & money needs to be invested to get a proper return on your dollar & funds should be available to make necessary purchases & necessary upgrades of equipment, nutes, etc.
    From personal experience partnerships are the absolutely the worst way to do business.
    The worst screwing I ever took in the hundreds of thousands (number suggested by attorney) of dollars was by a business partner who was a close personal friend, I mean a very close personal friend, lol.
    Sounds like you might need to upgrade to a better growing partner.
    Today I wouldn't go in partners with Jesus Christ.
    Cheers & Good Luck:D
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    best thread title i have seen yet. someone honest enough to come out and say it.

    i wish i would have been that smart when i started.

    edit. umm. you can go get a dollar bag of top soil and sling it in a bucket and grow a plant. mix in some osmocote and maybe go catch a fish and sling it in the bottom of the bucket. i know people that have done this for years growing a few outdoor plants each year.

    you dont have to spend a lot of money on lighting either. there are peeps around here that grow with a few 13w cfls. you need 100w per plant minimum.

    2x4s and panda film.

    that will get you bud. it wont be as good as it can be. but it will easily get you high.

    as you get money... buy something to upgrade. but you can easily start a small grow for 30 bucks.

  17. he was the one with the job and the closet, I was only to provide seeds and knowledge, now I have to scoop up some money for my grow thanks for the advice

  18. Thanks for the advice! Wat kinda bulb do I need to start it out after I germ the seeds?

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