In Line Booster Fan For Exhaust/Intake?

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    i was wondering if anybody has used this for thier intake, or exhaust in the grow rooms. I was plannins on buying a bathroom exhaust fan. but it seems like this should work fine.

    Do you think ay of these it keep a 1000w HPS in a 3ft wide, 7ft tall, and 9ft long space cool enough? or should i just get 2?

    Boosted CFM: 500
    Free Air CFM: 210
    on the 8 inch fan. that good enough?

  2. Im betting 15 of those things couldn't cool 1000w. TRUST ME, I have owned tons of these at one time.
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  4. CFM ratings are a joke. A Bathroom (shit) fan will work better than the boosters you have posted. However neither are going to cool that light. You are going to need at least one Can-Fan or Vortex like fan. How big is your space and are you going to enclose your reflector ?
  5. it is 3ft wide, 9ft long, and 8ft tall, i can use the whole room if i wanted but i was going to use the room for my office leaving me the closet to grow in. where can i get a can fan or vortex like fan?

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