In Flames Tomorrow Night!

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  1. Its time for In Flames! I saw them in Denver in February, now they are coming to Colorado Springs and I am bringing my video camera and getting there 2 hours early. Front row baby ^-^

    Anyone else seeing them as they tour the US?
  2. I saw them last summer, and Im thinking about going to Sounds Of the Underground this year, (I think they are on it, I forget). Come Clarity is great so it must be a great show.

    Front row?? I hate when the venue doesnt have a floor to get a little nasty on in the pit:smoking: .
  3. dude there is a pit. When I say front row, I mean clinging to the front hoping I dont die haha.

    Yes they are on sounds of the underground.
  4. fuck yes, i'm seeing them when they come through on the 28th. i can't fucking wait.
  5. haha durchi jump in there, you might like it.:)

    thisisnotreal- slayer eh? you going to there unholy alliance tour this summer? june 17th is my show. cant wait
  6. haha, I love the pit dude.

    This time I wanna record the show though. They wont be touring for a while after SOTU
  7. Come Clarity is an awesome album. In Flames would be sweet to see live.
  8. In Flames pretty much sucks, but I do plan on attending the Unholy Alliance tour to see Slayer and Mastodon.
  9. Man then you have not listened to early IF when they were hardcore melodic death metal.. awesome shit...

    I'm fuckin pissed... I think I'm missing Unholy Alliance cause I'm goin to Spain... damnit I always fuckin miss Slayer! At least I've seen LoG twice.. they fuckin own...
  10. ^^i'm afraid you're wrong, i was listening to them back in those days (from around the time of the jester race album) and although I had a taste for the music at the time, it's just boring to me now. i just don't really enjoy melodic metal anymore. and recent in flames definitely sucks, i wouldn't go see them for free
  11. Yeah the secret is to only listen to like 4 Swedish bands because they're ALL FUCKING melodeath and it gets boring... so pick the 4 best haha

    And I would say Come Clarity almost verges on emo, like Take this Life... euch

    I really want to see Sunn O))) Friday but I don't think I can make it... lacrosse playoffs... apparently drone/doom/sludge/stoner/funeral metal bands are big right now...:confused: don't know where I was for this but...
  12. Nah i dont think In flames is any bit emo. I hate emo. Kill emo kids in the pits! come on now. But i have to admit, when i saw IF last year at ozzfest, they didnt impress.; Shadows fall sucked live to. they were like the same, i didnt even notice when the two switch on stage.

    But they're recorded stuff is good.
  13. Seen 'em already. They were pretty good, but I hate the new shit. The old shit however is godly. But I heard they're coming here to Vegas with Cannibal Corpse and Black Dahlia Murder, and that might be worth checking out.
  14. I love the new albums. Soundtrack to your Escape was great and Come Clarity was awesome.

    Oh. And the concert fuckin ruled. I met Anders and Bjorn at the end of the show. Plus I caught one of the opening acts guitar pick. It was funny, the guitarist slapped my hand then handed it to me and i dropped it and some prick next to me punched me in the face and took it. So I was pretty pissed.. Then the guitarist was like 'Give it to him or I'll have you kicked out' So he did. It was funny ^-^
  15. New In Flames isnt worth seeing in my opinion.

    Jester Race and Whoracle were fantastic, hell ill even give it to them for Clayman, but after that everything just went down hill as they got more exposure.

    Edit: If you guys want some FANTASTIC melodic death metal from New York then check out Utopia Banished. Go to their site and download their songs. Great musicianship.

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