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In Desperate need of help!!! Home Drug test kit....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 561imdone, Feb 19, 2009.

    • Well I'm getting a drug test today and I cant have anyone pee for me......... Nor can I get a detox drink....... Is there any other way to pass a drug test? I heard a couple shots of vinegar will help you pass, and i also heard something about pttuing water eye drops and bleach or sumthing will help u pass lol...

  1. Drops of visine go well in a cup of urine.

    Or you can try the stupid way:

    Get warm water, put yellow food die in it, put salt in it... Does this work? Hell if I know but its worth a shot rather than having your THC infested piss on the test.

  2. Will rotos work? And how many drops.... Also I heard that bleach can help you pass.... but how much bleach?
  3. start to pop nician pills
  4. ^^ I cant!!! does the bleach thing really work?
  5. Man honestly your pretty screwed, all these home methods don't work, I don't see why your getting home dt if your 18+ and I also dont see why you cant ride to a local supermarket for niacin, or a head shop for detox.

  6. I am 18 yrs old believe it or not, but my parents believe that as long as im living under their roof i go by their rules :( so im moving out after my senior year this year. And I gots no money on me right now.
  7. Water that shit down if you do piss.
  8. i heard a couple drops of bleach helps, and maybe get a detox if they dont test you the same day.
  9. dont piss the beginning of the stream or the end.
    and just drink like 5 bottles of water before you're test and it will be dilluted enough for a self test
  10. I don't know if you had to take the test already but... Bleach will not work at all please don't try this. The best thing to do is take some Vitamin B, if you don't have any, regular vitamins work just check the back to make sure it has some B6 or B12. After you take the vitamin drink a few glasses of water and a glass of green tea/gatorade and don't piss until the test. Your piss will be diluted from the liquids to a level the test won't register as positive. And the Vitamin B will keep it a yellow color so your parents won't see clear piss and suspect anything. Remember, the first and last streams of piss contain the highest levels of THC, so you don't want to start or finish pissing in the cup. Start pissing, move the cup into the stream and then remove it as soon as you can.
  11. For anyone looking back on this thread for helpful advice. I just passed a CVS home urine test by squirting about 1 teaspoon of bleach into my cup before pissing in it. So the BLEACH METHOD DOES WORK

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