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In Chicago for a week....any advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuffaloSoljah, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Planning on toking at some point on my trip, any advice smoking around the city? Places i should hit up or avoid? How should i find bud? Thanks blades...
  2. Go to the north side of the city and stay away from the south side

    North side - stonerville

    south side - birthplace of some of the most notorious gangs in america
  3. I'm going to Chicago this week for Lollapalooza! I'm not from Chicago or have never been there but I think it would be a good idea to get some deep dish pizza ;) . Have fun on your trip!
  4. Go to the BEAN! Kinda lame but still go the the bean! Hit up the beach too, always a good time at the beach. :D
  5. Yeah beach was on the agenda. I'm in the north also so should be having a good time :smoke:
  6. Blue Man Group

    Go to the Blue Man Group. Eat a cake filled with high grade weed, smoke a pound, whatever, just get as stoned as possible and see the fucking Blue Man Group
  7. Blue man group is in chicago also? I just saw them in vegas a year ago, they put toilet paper on us all lol. Run into the museums if you get a chance!
  8. You know they arent just 3 people performing it. They have shows all over the world
  9. Legit, I've seen ads all over the city for blue man group. Hopefully i can burn and check that out.
  10. blue man group was great, go to willis (sears tower) for the ledge which is really cool, home town resturants are great if your into that kinda stuff, beaches will balls to the walls packed if its nice out. Seeing a ballgame isnt a bad idea
  11. pretty easy to find bud. If your on the northside it shouldn't be an issue, look around depaul university campus/lincoln park, also the UIC campus is a good place to look around.

    Cool places - Field Museum, the Shedd aquarium, museum of science and industry, Navy Pier

    There some decent haunted/gangster bus tours in Chicago, but alot of them are a rip off

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