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In and Out burger fries taste like edibles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TeamLemke420, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else taste this? Whenever I eat their fries it tastes like straight edibles...:confused:
  2. Wrong section.

  3. You LIE!
  4. LOL it is an edible, otherwise you wouldn't be eating it!

  5. In all seriousness, I think In and Out use Canola oil for their frying. If your edibles are made with Canola oil, there you go...

  6. Edible as in weed food, Einstein.:wave:
  7. Cannabisola Oil
  8. Maybe the fry boy threw some nugs in the fryer
  9. Do you happen to eat these greasy fries, usually after smoking? Have you smoked in the last day or two before eating there?

    A lot of the time, finger-foods can tend to taste like edibles... this is usually because cannabis glandular material is non-water soluble and resistant to soap, and even though I wash my hands a lot, I also smoke/vape and work with plants a lot, and unless I use rubbing alcohol every time I wash, I tend to have some glandular resin stuck between my fingerprints.
    Then there are the traces which remain in your mouth, sometimes, even after brushing.

    Cannabis glandular material may not be very water soluble, but it can be lifted very quickly with an oil. If you've just packed and smoked a pre-dinner bowl, once you've had a few fries instead of using a napkin, try licking one of your fingers... it's kinda tasty. :p
    The material likely hasn't been activated, and it certainly isn't bioavailable in large enough quantities to get you buzzed unfortunately, not from the cannabinoids, but assuming you've got enough resin on your fingers the terpenes can have a pleasurable, mild elevating effect on your buzz or overall state of mind. :)

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