In a zombie outbreak

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  1. what would you NOT miss about the old world?

  2. All the hate people have towards one another. Sometimes I wish the world will end in 2012 so there won't be any more news like stupid bitches like Casey Anthony murdering her innocent beautiful child. How a human being can do something like this I will never understand.
  3. And you think that will stop after the world ends?

  4. We all have to die because you just figured out that the news sux?:(

    Atleast we're still not sacrificing someones first-born child to something that we aren't even sure if it exists.
  5. i'd miss everything

  6. Exactly. If it really was the end of the world, zombie outbreak or whatever, violence and hate would break out everywhere.
    many of the few remaining people would end up killing each other over dwindling resources.
  7. Those boring Sunday's and Monday's.

  8. Yeah, ever read the book "The Road"? That is what would become of this world at least in some areas.
  9. i wouldnt miss money
    everything would be free for survivors at the end

  10. Oh I never said it would stop. Humanity sucks, we'll never stop killing each other over stupid things.

  11. haha yep, I own it.
    Great book, but one of the weirdest writing styles I've read in a book.

  12. News sux because Rupert Murdoch is profiting off other people's misfortunes, then spending that money to lobby the government into making more bad news. It's a never ending cycle.
  13. In a zombie breakout I would be kickin zombie ass, fuck tomorrow kill the dead for today
  14. I wouldn't miss most of the people that got eaten/turned into zombies.

  15. You need to read more of Cormac Mccarthy's books. He's my favorite author. Have you read any other books of his?
  16. No The Road was my first and only book of his I read. I deffinetly want to read No Country for old men and the border trilogy though.

  17. I highly reccomend all four of those books, especially "The Crossing" from the border trilogy. I'm re-reading that one right now. My favorite of the three. That triology has a much different writing style from his current style in books like The Road. It's a lot more powerful and flowing with a lot more philosophy and a bit of an "epic" feel to it especially in the first two. I reccomend reading No Country For Old Men first since it's a little more of a light read than the trilogy and a very good starting point when tracking back to his older material. His slightly older material is masterful though. I also reccomend Blood Meridian, which some call his magnum opus. However this book is definitely better left to a later date since it can be a bit tedious if you're not prepared for it. An absolute dark, powerful piece of literature though... It inspired me to read Moby Dick, which was a large thematic influence on the structure of the book.

    Sorry, I'm high and I'm talking (typing) about something that interests me so I can't shut up. :wave:
  18. I've got a copy of The Road that I wish I could sell...
  19. the people who i tripped when running away from the zombies.

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