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  1. Hello guys, as i am writing i am still a total NOOB(yes i wrote it in capital to show that i'm even a bigger noob than just an usual noob). Anyways i want to do my first grow, but the problem is i am kinda poor, not working atm and etc(so buying off a dealer paying 10 pounds for .6-7g costs me a lot, including the price of not knowing what you're smoking..) i want to start just with one plant as to try things out, since i'm afraid it will go wrong somehow. So i'm trying to build a cheapest grow box possible. I did some reading so i'm going to use "Canna" soil which didn't seem to be to expensive and the reviews are good, contains a lot of organic things, and the pH is 6.0. So some questions i have is would it be enough to get a 150 watt CFL, make a simple cardboard growbox with aluminum foil on the walls instead of mylar(seems cheaper, i don't wanna use "emergency blankets" they seem sketchy and i read they have those tiny holes and so on) this seems like a cheapest build, since i have some cardboard boxes, cfl would cost like 4 pounds probably, i don't know the foil prices but i assume its cheap. Would it be enough for one plant? I don't want anything fancy, you know just to try stuff out(i bet the feeling when you see your plant reach flowering stage is so good) and do i really need fans, carbon filters? It seems really complicated to do the stuff, to get it and whats more - expensive. I'm positively thinking that maybe for one small plant i wouldn't need them(its 90% indica so i don't think it will grow so much into the height). Also can i just plant it in the big pot(and how big any ideas? I know im a noob :/) instead of planting it to the small one for a seedling, when it grows a bit transplanting it to a bigger one and so on? I will appreciate any help you'll give me. I have to pay for the soil around 11 pounds(5L it says, would it be enough?), 16 for seeds, so i want everything else as cheap as i can.

  2. for one plant I wouldnt bother with filters - I just live with the fact my spare room smells like weed.
  3. Turn you one plant into a mother and keep cutting clones every week or two and throw em in flower when rooted. Perpetual harvest off one seed. Don't use tin foil. A can of flat white paint is $1 in the us and works much better. If your in an apartment(flat?) you'll Definately need ventiliation and a carbon scrubber. I'd still strongly suggest getting something either way asap. You could Probably baby it for 2-3 weeks before smell and heat become an issue. A lot of smaller cfls are better then 1 big one. I think that's it

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  4. I agree, you don't need a carbon filter, until you need one,
    Some really good threads around where folks are growing great weed inside cardboard boxes with 23 w CFLs, the cardboard always seemed a bit sketch to me just because of the possibility of fire, folks are doing it though, I am not familiar with the soil but it sounds on,
    I would say search around the web for cardboard box Cfl grows., chances are you'll find someone with a setup close to what you would like to do, and stalk the shit out of em😁 best of luck and last us know howitzer turns oiut
  5. Thanks for the answers. What fan should i get? I expect them to cost a lot :/ and the hardest part is those vent pipes(no idea how they're called for real) where do i get them, i bet they will cost same as the fan price.. and how do i even put the pipes out of my room, i mean i just can't drill my wall :D and yes im living in an apartment.
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    I think before you build you should read and explore on your own, and read the threads. Having to buy weed can sucks.
    Look for simple ways to achieve what people would spend money on. I like how people utilize free cabinets etc on craigs list to grow in. Card board is sketchy, I still have carboard and mylar in my room but that is going to change my next room.

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    Ok so i did some reading, although i didn't find too much info about what i need answers to. 1. How is the fan called that i should buy? I mean it should have a name since you can't just use a random one like a computer fan(i've seen some people do it on youtube and some websites, but i think you couldn't attach the carbon filter). <del>2. </del><del>Does any carbon filter fits, or do i need to choose the right size, depending on my fan</del><del>?</del> 3. Wrote it already, didn't get the answer tho, does it matter if i plant the seedling in a big pot instantly, instead of increasing the size from time to time? 4. Do i really need to buy nutrients? As my plant description says it's quite easy to grow, resistant and so on. And soil contains a lot of organic stuff including NPK(didn't read about NPK but my intuition tells it's a good thing [​IMG]). <span class="redactor-invisible-space">I probably forgot a question or two while writing this, so i'll come back with more questions if i remember it, and even if i don't i will still come back because i will think up of more unclear things, sorry for being a pain in the ass, but to some things i just don't find the answers, even half of the guides to making growboxes are rubbish, or just a showoff of how it looks, instead of how to make it with clear explanations.. I've made the questions with numbers so it's easier to read through my bad grammar and word placement, and in hope that it will be easier to answer and understand the questions itself.</span>
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    <span class="redactor-invisible-space">5. Do i really need the aluminum pipe things? Asked this before didn't get an answer so i'm just repeating it.</span>
    <span class="redactor-invisible-space">Found out the fans are called extractor fans (i'm still not sure about that, but they're god damn expensive!!). 6. Is there any alternative to use instead of extractor fan if so, how to connect the carbon filter?<span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span></span>


    That is a low end model kit, inline fan, not booster fan, the cheap all metal ones are garbage, a 4" fan fits a 4 "filter a 6" fan fits a 6" filter etc, same with the ducting, the shiny flexible stuff works good
    You can plant right into a big pot, it is recommended for auto strains, they don't like transplants to much, a lot of folks , myself included pot up regular photo strains, Google , "why should I transplant my cannabis seedling" gotta be something there, it would take to long to explain
    I would either buy a simple cannabis nutrient, or look into building your own organic living soil, they need something though, read up on this stuff, half of the fun in learning is doing the work and reading everything you can,
    It's ok to ask questions, but dude, you gotta do some of the legwork
  9. Thanks for your input. I am doing some research while asking questions, basically got everything down except this.. seems like a really money saving thing, but what size should the pot be? I mean if i get 12cm exactly like the fan i bet it wouldn't fit, and i don't think there's any 121mm pots.. I'm probably missing some obvious thing here -.- will have to think through when i'll smoke some :D
  10. Ok guys i really need help! Really! I'm starting to smoke all my money, i need to start this asap before i spend it all.. My plant is Indica 90% Sativa 10%, the assumed size could be 70cm maybe, what size box do i need? Probably like one meter? Then i have a question. Where do i get cardboard boxes?!!? checked amazon and theres only small like maybe upto 70cm, idk what to do, i'm not willing to spend money on grow tent, as i couldnt even fit computer fan, custom made filter plus maybe i will be unsuccesful, dont want it to be a waste of money. Help, you must have some ideas. I do not want to buy a wardrobe of some sort or smth because i don't have anything to cut wood with..
  11. I saw a post a little while ago the guy made a grow box with a wardrobe box from u-haul .. Look for (carbon filter for pc fan)in the forums and it should give you a great idea...
  12. check out some stores for old card board boxes maybe . I'm sure you can find a store in near you that will be willing to part with some cardboard they just got beak down and trash anyway . I would never pay for cardboard lol

  13. i was talking for the grow tent as i couldnt do it there because theres already sleeves made for fan inside with a hole, i couldnt fit a computer fan there probably, anyways yeah i've seen that post it's been helpful to me.

    Yep i wouldnt pay for it too, but now im desperate and wan't to have everything ready :D Good idea i'll try that, thanks! But the thing is i can't just ask for a random box i need a big one like over one meter probably, and i don't know if anybody has them for some reason here, if i didn't see any to buy that means it's a rare box.. Its like a hunt, like an adventure to find a cardboard box. Shit i'm too baked, ill try to get the boxes from stores tommorow :D

  14. Ask your local supermarkets, tell them your moving house.
    Most nowadays seem to cut them down for recycling straight away, but if you ask they;ll say come back on this day when were having a delivery and i'll keep a few aside for you.
    If they dont have anything a meter tall you can probably coble somthing together from 2 half meter boxes (seems like a more common size) and some tape.
  15. [​IMG]

    Click pic for website in UK. Pretty cheap. You can use a 12V PC Fan with a DIY carbon filter to exhaust. Cut an air intake near the bottom of the box.. look at what others have done to get a clear idea.
  16. A roll of Mylar is cheap off Amazon and would gain you a lot of reflected light if used as liner. My first no money grow I built a frame with old boards I had laying around and stapled Mylar to it. Worked great, but annoying noise when the fan hit the Mylar. Used a Galaxy Hydro 600 full spectrum LED, also off Amazon, and grew five beautiful plants, veg to harvest.

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