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  1. So guys I looked at some new tents and have ran into a issue. Most all tents I have found are 48" wide. I currently have a 36x36 tent and it barely fits. The 48" would block half the doorway. So I am going to turn half the bedroom into a grow room. Has anyone done this having a open space like this to grow 4-6 plants under a 400 Watt? Could I divide the room with a curtain? Nobody would go into the room during 12-12. What do you guys think can it be done?
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    I put a 2x4 across the ceiling,and hung black,and white polly.Use cardboard when stapling the polly so it wont rip.Went right around the walls,and all.Turned 1/3 of the room into a grow.

    The polly usually comes 10' wide,and how ever long you need.So hanging from ceiling to floor works fine.
  3. What exactly do you mean by poly?
  4. The poly he is referring to is called Panda Film. It's not that expensive and works good.
  5. Oh on sweet ill look it up. Do they sell it at like home depot? That's where I'm getting most my other stuff
  6. Instead of poly you could use black painters plastic from homedepot, then just hang up some mylar on the plastic.

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