in a bit of a dilemma need some advice

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  1. Hi so basically i smashed my £20 bong/waterpipe the other day... i got this £5 one but its so much smaller its like the cheapest smallest glass bong ever and now my tolerance i think has gotten used to the bigger bong which could hold more smoke Im gonna get a new one this monday probably but anyway im using a screen for this bong all my bud is grinded so is there anything i can do to make it more stronger or anything i think some of the smoked gets wasted in the water cause there aint much space for it but i need the water to take bigger hits :confused_2:
    First post btw thanks

  2. Just smoke more...that's what I would do, especially if your running low on cash.
  3. yh but It feels like a waste
  4. Buy better weed. My stuff is scary potent....a little teeny bowl is more than enough...
    A pipe is more harsh then a bong. Take more hits and you will get more high.
    Or try a joint. Or get better bud. Or a new bong. :smoking:
  6. Yeah I wouldn't focus on your piece so much for why your not getting as high, rather than your weed.
  7. it gets me high its just not the same as my bigger bong.. oh well im gonna get a new one monday anyway
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    Yeah, like I said pipes and bongs will be slightly different, just as a joint high is slightly different, blunts as well.
    ....I have to admit when you said "dilemma" I thought you have a "serious" problem you needed help with :laughing: :smoking: .
  9. I view this as serious
    If that is serious, then you should be happy you don't have very big problems in your life. :)
  11. You probably just have to take more hits from the smaller bong to equal out the sessions you had on the big bong. Stay faded :smoking:
  12. I was only joking on how serious it was alothough it seemed serious to me i just picked up a massive 13mm fo £15 from a head shop today only problem was the bowl has a giant hole and its well difficult to get a screen in one of them popped out when i thought i had it in and hit me in the eye:( lol anyway my bong problems are sorted atleast until i break this one and its so much better than that shitty small cheap one i might go and throw it in the trash tommorow :bongin:

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