In a BIG Pickle-Need Advice

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  1. So I asked this girl to homecoming (I'm a senior in high school) that is really sexy a couple weeks ago just because the girl I really want to date wasn't really talking to me then. Now she is and we really want to be in a relationship but I don't want to ruin the other girls senior homecoming, and no matter what it's going to be awkward. HELP ME!!!
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  3. take the girl you asked to go with you to homecomming. dont flake out and be a douche. and if you end up not getting with her for whatever reason then go out with the chick that FINALLY decided to talk to you...
  4. As for the OP-

    I've seen this happen before... And it was during my senior prom a few years ago, actually that it happened.
    My ex boyfriend's best friend invited one of his female friends, and she ended up in a relationship with someone else before prom actually happened.
    She still went with him, and her new boyfriend didn't go to prom, but it was REALLY awkward, because during pictures beforehand the boyfriend was there almost "chaperoning" the experience... You could tell he was definitely uncomfortable, pissed off, and generally discontent.
    She also still went with us on our plans to a friend's beach house that her boyfriend didn't go to which added to his jealousy, I think.

    I'm not saying to ditch this girl you've asked to homecoming... especially if she's a good friend of yours, because then you ruin her plans, but make sure she knows it's strictly platonic, no feelings implied, and make sure this girl you want to be with knows the same.

  5. OWNED!

    I was smoking at 15. :hello:

    I guess you have to be 18 to smoke pot and 21 to drink.......

    As for the OP, try and bang both of them!
  6. Yeah I'm just trying to be as nice as I can to both of them, I'm definetely not going with the girl im currently going with while im dating this other girl, that would be super rude/dumb. The only bad thing is the girl I'm going to homecoming with really likes me and I don't like her at all but I guess I'll just go with her and let the other girl know I still like her and everything. To the people saying I'm under 18...whats the point, save yourself the trouble and go help some kid know how to inhale correctly or something haha
  7. Threesomegogogogo
  8. You made a commitment. I say go with the girl you were originally going to go with. The other girl that FINALLY came back around should accept this. What if she was in the same boat? Im sure she wouldnt wanna be dumped at the last minute.

    Its only a dance. Im guessing this is a winter homecoming or some shit? If so there will be more dances, you can take the girl that FINALLY came around to prom or something instead.

    Also just bc you take them to prom doesnt mean you have to chill with them afterwards at an after party or whatever.

    Keep us updated. :smoke:
  9. Duuuuudes the other night the girl I'm going with asked me if I didn't want to go anymore because none of my guy friends are going but I decided I'd rather go than not go at all cuz I couldn't back out and then go with the girl I like, haha.

    And yeah, at my school if you don't hang out with your date afterward people start a bunch of drama bullshit saying you ditched them haha fucking sobers.
  10. I was 18 for almost my entire senior year.
    Never flunked or anything.
  11. Threesome...
  12. Go with the girl you asked. The other wasn't talking to you at the time you needed a date. Too fucking bad for her. DO NOT flake. Do not.
  13. Yeah the chick I'm going with that likes me found out I don't like her and I like the other girl and she was like I don't want to force you to go with me since you like her but I was just like nah I'm good lets go party! haha
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    Someone says they're in a pickle = a pickle's in them and need to get it out. Well if you weren't for the didlo play you wouldn't be in a pickle in the first place now would you? :p Always follow up with your prior engagements before you go into future one's--and prior engagements include attaining your heart's desire. Think about that kid :smoke:
  15. Im glad you made a good decision. Im sure the girl you're going with appreciates you being a man :)

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  16. You did the right thing! :D

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