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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 23, 2006.

  1. i have a check in with my probation officer, i been smokin mad bud, ate some k-pins last night, and some other shit but it wont turnup on a drug test, i definitely hope he doesnt test me, he probably will just cuz thats how the cookie crumbles, but then again i just had a drug test last week for a court mandated drug evaluation.... oh well if he does test me, i could use a vacation to get away from all the bullshit around here
  2. That sucks, neg, but jail can actually be useful alot of the time.

    How long you looking at for breaking probation?

    You're a smart guy, neg, you'll land on your feet.
  3. Detox is a must man, i would do it just in case. I mean, if all else fails, why not. its worth a try. and not worth the risk not to.

    But good luck man, id hate to see ya gone.
  4. ehh, if i was worried about it i wouldnt of bought klonopin and i woulda went to buy detox yesterday, but i just dont give a fuck anymore
  5. Apathy, Apathy, Where art thou?


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