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  1. I was really strapped for ways to dry this year, so i took a box and did a weed-newspaper-weed layer thing and poked holes in one side with a fan facing the side that has the holes in it. This is with no hanging... About how long should it take for the bud to be smokable?
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    It's hard to say. Could be up to a week or more like hang-drying.

    Make sure you shuffle them around once or twice a day to circulate the air and give all parts of the bud a chance to dry evenly. Be careful, though...I'm always afraid the newspaper method is gonna knock off the trichs. Hate to see that. Shuffling them around will also keep the buds from weighing eachother down and becoming flat. Hang-drying keeps your buds fluffy.

    My concern here would be that the buds don't have enough open surface area to sweat out the water 'cause they're layered with newspaper and other bud. Everywhere I've noticed this method the individual has hang-dried first for a bit, then put them into a bag. Maybe there is an advantage there because the buds aren't so heavy on eachother. I'm not sure though.

    Might want to get some holes on both sides of the box so the air has a chance to blow through the bud and transport more condensation.

    Anyways, I would say it'll probably take as long as it would with hang-drying...Keep an eye on them and try to snap the stems once or twice a day. Keep us updated, we might be surprised.
  3. Wow thanks for the comprehensive reply! I don't remember if I said this or not, but I do have a fan blowing air through the holes. At this point (Day 3) I do see little hairs like I have seen on other quality bud and I actually smoked a 'wet' bowl of it and it wasn't bad, so we'll see...
  4. Hey, no problem! Happy to help. Yah, you mentioned the fan...I think you said you only had holes on one side, though...that's why I suggest more holes, on both/all sides of box, for better ventilation.

    Hah, that 'wet' bowl won't even compare to your dried/cured product. That's at least two weeks away though. Got any pictures?
  5. Right now no, but I'll get some! Howcome the dry stuffs better??? I smoked the closest thing to a dry bowl ever not too long ago and oh my GOD. This shit is INSANE! It's the best head high I've had probably, like I said, in 8 months... All from free bag seed. Now I really wanna know what the GOOD GOOD shit is like..

  6. If you're gonna continue a thread, use the same user-name as the original post! "kitsune" is NOT "grower91" as far as anyone is concerned. + you never said anything about not smoking in 8 months.

    Dry is better becuase the chlorophyll has been leeched out and the TCH/other 'good' checmicals have had time to process/perfect themselves.

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