improvisational jamming

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  1. so tonight I'm supposed to be playing with 2 others for a school event. We're going to be doing a 7-10 minute funk jam. Altogether there are 2 guitars and a drummer, which really isn't much so we will have to all pull our share.
    We sound OKAY for an improv band but tonight we want to be really solid, so would anyone have any tips for improv/type stuff
  2. sounds pretty sweet, post a video of you guys later... i wanna hear it.
  3. just listen to one another and have a conversation!
  4. i like this. this is a great way to say it.
  5. yea, improv is basically a conversation... usually the more comfortable you get with people, but better the conversation, kinda like talking. although i find i'm actually much better at improvising in music than talking. :rolleyes:

    good luck man, and have fun!

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